2reallife invited users of the game Heaven to donate funds for the construction of the school

The 2reallife company invited the gamers of the multiplayer game “Heaven” to become participants in a charity project developed jointly with the community of foster families “KITEZH”. To contribute to the construction of a school for foster children, just click on the “Kitezh” icon and donate the desired amount. You can also donate money to charity during any purchase on the website.

For more than 10 years, 2reallife has been successfully implementing its projects. Many players around the world have already become part of the community of popular games such as “Heaven” and “Carnage”. Today the team of the company has united to achieve a large and very important goal – to help children in foster families. This is a big step forward for 2reallife and an example for all large companies that release their games in Russia.

Together with the community of foster families “KITEZH”, the 2reallife company announces the start of a charity event, the purpose of which is to raise funds for the construction of a new school for children. The promotion starts on December 3rd.

To take part in the action, you just need to register in the game “Heaven” and buy any item in the game store, or click on the “Kitezh” icon, indicating the amount of donation to the therapeutic society. The funds raised will be used to purchase building materials for the construction of a school for children.

“Children are the future. Thanks to the Kitezh community, they can develop and move forward, overcoming any difficulties that fall to their lot. And no matter what reason they are alone, they will never be alone in the community. We have already built one building, but we realized that we would not be able to finance the entire project on our own and we offer you participation! ”, The organizers of the action emphasized.

2RealLife invites all gaming communities and portals to join the action and help create a bright future for foster children.

You can register for the game “Heaven” at this link:

About 2reallife:
A company that develops and publishes online browser games, social media applications and games for mobile devices. The company has existed on the Russian market since 2004. The successful operation of a company largely depends on a team of professionals who invest their efforts in its development. 2reallife has a young team: the average age of its employees is 27 years. 2reallife games are played all over the world.

About the game “Heaven”:
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the match3 genre. It is represented in all Russian social networks, as well as on the website The island hovering in the sky, on which the magic Tree, the School of Mages, the Cave, the Arena and the Shop are located, is the possession of the Guardian player. There are six cults here – the cult of the Protectors, the Holiday and the Virgin, waging a difficult struggle with the cults of the Destroyers, the Terrifying and the Sorrowful. The main difference from all similar games is the unique principle of fighting: you need to put stones, skulls and ankhs in a row and apply various spells. The game “Heaven” was launched in 2010, and the number of users in it has already exceeded 15 million. The project is preparing to enter the international market.

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