All ratings for Mass Effect: Andromeda – Worst Game in the Series

I think that everyone who has played Mass Effect: Andromeda amicably merges with society and makes fun of the facial animation in the game, but now it’s worth thinking about something else. For example, how the final product turned out in the end. All the worst fears are gradually coming true, friends.

Now Mass Effect: Andromeda named the worst game in the series… Nevertheless, the average estimated score of the new product is 73 points out of 100. If someone is not in the know or does not want to check the statistics, then I will add that this is definitely the worst result in the Mass Effect series of games. On the other hand, this is a pretty confident assessment for a normal, and maybe even a good game, which deserves your attention. Unless, of course, you will be guided in assessments on the modern silly scale.

The most controversial moments in the reviews and reviews on Mass Effect: Andromeda cause a dimmer plot since the end of the trilogy, from which you start to yawn after 15 hours of play, because after that amount of time something interesting begins to happen. The game is also criticized for the conventions, the distorted “lore” of the original, the lost atmosphere, which is mainly associated with the additional tasks of the companions and their depth of study. We also touched upon the pumping / evolution of the main character (heroine) and the space ship – everything turned out to be too superficial and insignificant for the gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda first estimates look like this:

Rating from “COGconnected” –

Rating from “God is a Geek” –

Rating from “Forbes” –

Rating from “Playstation Universe” –

Rating from “Game Informer” –

Rating from “TheSixthAxis” –

Evaluation from IGN –

Evaluation from “Polygon” –

Rating from “GamesRadar +” –

Rating from “Hardcore Gamer” –

Rating from “PlayStation LifeStyle” –

Rating from “GameSpot” –

Rating from Metro GameCentral –

Rating from “Game Revolution” –

Evaluation from “Digital Trends” –

But of course, there were some pluses. So, for example, the game is praised for dynamic and high-quality battles. They say that for some time it has become much more interesting to fight, critics say. Provides its own unique pleasure and multiplayer. However, visually, the project is also literally licked to a shine, but naturally keeping silent about the problems with facial animation (do not be indignant that so much is said about this, because this is just a quiet horror). In addition, many publications have touched on the technical side of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Although this is not surprising, because it is literally teeming with serious bugs and flaws of various kinds, which also, in general, does not make the project an expensive honor.

In general, the new space adventure in the face of Mass Effect: Andromeda is called good. Moreover, they claim that it is worthy of attention. Fans will really be able to enjoy the gameplay, but keep in mind that the new game in the series never made it to the top, BioWare employees have made a big deal, to be honest.

As for the gaming press in the CIS countries, it disagrees (almost all). However, one conclusion can be made: Mass Effect: Andromeda really could have been better, but alas, it cannot jump above a score of 7 points. Well, our honest review (review) of Mass Effect: Andromeda will appear on the site very soon.

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