Bench on the “Mirage” map – a new element that deserves special attention

Surprisingly, minor changes that developers sometimes make to CS: GO can drastically affect the course of the game. On the one hand, this is a positive moment for fans, who will have additional interest, but on the other hand, players will have to get used to innovations for a long time. At the same time, it is rather difficult to predict which teams will learn the “chips” faster, which means it is worth visiting the site features the best bookmakers to make money by betting on nominal outsiders.

As you may have guessed, today we will talk about the new bench that appeared on the Mirage map a few days ago. And even if it does not take up too much space, it greatly simplifies the life of the players. There is no doubt that very soon we will see a lot of new interesting strategies from teams playing at the professional level, but while there are none, it is worth discussing the more obvious points.

Climbing through a window without the help of a teammate is an easy task

Experienced fans who have watched matches in tournaments for a long time know for sure that a terrorist cannot enter a window on his own, even if he really wants to. It was like this before, but now the situation has changed. Now, each player on the side of the terrorists will do certain manipulations himself. By the way, a successful penetration into a window is an action that has always allowed one of the teams to seize a territorial advantage on the map, so no one will refuse it. Moreover, when the task is significantly simplified. Agree, it’s stupid not to use the opportunity to split the opponent’s defense into two parts, going behind the back of several opponents.

Easy map center control

Climbing on the bench, you can easily track the movements of your opponents in several important directions. This means that it will be much more difficult to build a defense in the center of the map, as the attacking players will begin to shoot opponents, choosing the optimal angle of view. At the same time, earlier the terrorists themselves were in danger, since they could have been killed by an enemy who took a position in the connector, but now he risks facing serious trouble. Accordingly, it will become much easier to capture point A, because none of the defensive players will be able to shoot opponents on the backs, even choose the right moment to carry out an insidious plan.

Quick run to point B

Some experts already argue that the bench will somehow affect the speed of movement of the players, or rather, it will allow you to get to point B faster. Of course, such a theory has the right to exist, but it is rather difficult to believe in it. Firstly, there were too few official matches on the updated map “Mirage” to draw any conclusions. Secondly, no one counted the time with a stopwatch. Thirdly, the speed of movement directly depends on the individual abilities of a particular player: some run faster, others slower. At the same time, in most cases, the difference is not very significant, which means there is no point in wasting time on additional workouts. Moreover, when there is an opportunity to just relax and sit on a new bench. Some players have already rushed to post pictures of a kind of “rest” on social networks in order to be among the first.

We can only watch the first official fights on the updated map. In addition, these battles will definitely be intense, because the open qualifying tournament has already started, the winners of which will receive tickets to the closed qualifiers for the next World Championship. Of course, the value of each victory in such competitions is obvious, so the teams will certainly come up with a lot of interesting tactics to surprise their opponents, despite the busy schedule in the coming month.

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