Best Horror Games – Top 10

Eerie atmosphere, fear, suspense and fear of any sound – all these are indispensable attributes of a good horror. Representatives of this genre scare, intrigue and never leave the gamer indifferent. Unfortunately, there are not so many high-quality and bright horror games now, however, we still managed to find 10 of the brightest representatives of this genre, who will give you an unforgettable experience and a sea of ​​emotions.

Dead Space series

Scariest Games - Top 10

As you might guess, in the Dead Space series, all the horror and fear is transferred to the vastness of space, especially in the first two parts. The main character of the series is the usual technician Isaac Clarke, who each time finds himself in the epicenter of the attack of the necromorph monsters – humanoid monsters with many limbs. Since the protagonist of the game is an ordinary technician, and not a military one, you should not expect head-on attacks and bright fights in the game. To survive, Isaac must carefully move from corner to corner, hiding and only occasionally attacking monsters one at a time, using his technical equipment. In general, the eerie atmosphere of deadly space, addictive gameplay and an interesting plot – all this is in each of the parts of Dead Space.

Outlast series

Scariest Games - Top 10

The Outlast series currently has two main games and a number of add-ons. Playing it is a first-person survival horror, which is made in the style of pseudo-documentary shooting. The fact is that in both parts, in order to see in the dark, you need to use a camera with night vision. Thus, traveling through the dark locations of the psychiatric hospital in the first part and the countryside of the second, with the help of a video camera, the protagonist can see the enemies in the lens and the entire location as a whole. This feature makes it possible to create an eerie atmosphere of constant fear in which it is necessary to survive and be saved. Add to this the fact that the main characters of both parts cannot fight back the enemies, but only have to flee and you will get a good series of games in the horror genre.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Scariest Games - Top 10

The first installments of the Resident Evil series were considered the benchmark for the Survival horror genre with an unforgettable atmosphere and challenging but fun gameplay. Subsequent parts deviated slightly from the original canons, but Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, released in 2016, returned to its origins. Players will once again have to fight in tight spaces, constantly search for ammunition and save ammunition. In addition, the excellent graphics in the game have taken the atmosphere of horror and fear to a new level, and therefore each confrontation with the enemy will be for you, albeit a small, but unforgettable adventure. The need to solve various puzzles and explore locations has not gone anywhere. In general, the 7th part of the RE series will appeal to both ordinary horror fans and fans of the franchise.

Alien: Isolation

Scariest Games - Top 10

The Alien movie series has become a science fiction classic, and the famous monsters have repeatedly tried to infiltrate the gaming industry in the form of various kinds of games. But if projects in other genres were very mediocre, then the horror Alien: Isolation turned out to be very atmospheric and earned the highest marks from both critics and ordinary gamers. The protagonist of the game is Amanda Ripley, who works as an engineer on a spaceship, where the famous xenomorph (aka Alien) fell. Since the girl engineer will not be able to resist the monster in a direct collision, the gameplay is based on the fact that the main character needs to regularly hide and figure out the whereabouts of the Alien. If you are a fan of sci-fi horror movies and even more so if you love the Alien series, then Alien: Isolation will definitely appeal to you.

The Evil Within series

Scariest Games - Top 10

The Evil Within is a mixture of third-person shooter and horror, where you have to plunge into parallel worlds, endless hallucinations of the game’s protagonist Detective Sebastian Castellanos, as well as meet a variety of monsters, the appearance of each of which will leave you the strongest impressions. In addition, there is a good level design, the presence of stealth elements and a good storyline. Both parts of The Evil Within are very similar in style to the famous Resident Evil series, as they were created by the same person. So if you are a big fan of the RE franchise or love atmospheric horror games like this series, then The Evil Within will definitely appeal to you.

Dead by daylight

Scariest Games - Top 10

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game, which is quite unusual in a horror game. The game is a confrontation between a group of survivors against a variety of maniacs. Interestingly, each survivor, like a maniac, has its own story and key features that affect the plot. As such, there is no plot in the game, it is just that several survivors and a maniac find themselves in one location. The goal of the first is to turn on several generators in order to escape from the location along the way, hiding from the killer, the goal of the killer – well, it’s not hard to guess here. In general, the game is a kind of “cat and mouse” in the style of the best slashers of the 70s and 80s (Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc.). In general, if there is a desire to test your ingenuity, and even a couple of friends, then Dead by Daylight will give you the most positive emotions.

Five Nights at Freddy’s series

Scariest Games - Top 10

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of games in each of which you will work as security guards in a small building (pizzeria, horror house, residential building, etc.). However, the gameplay in each of the parts does not change. As a security guard, you can use primitive black and white cameras without sound, with the help of which you calculate the animatronic robots, thereby preventing them from killing you. The game has all the elements of a good horror: atmospheric sound, dark locations, suspense and even screamers. In general, if you are not afraid for your nerves and have long been looking for thrills in games, then the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise will help you without any problems.

Layers of Fear

Scariest Games - Top 10

The protagonist of the game is an artist, in whose mansion strange events begin to take place. The paintings begin to turn into incomprehensible and frightening images, the rooms no longer lead to where they should have been. Could the protagonist have a clouding of his mind? Or maybe he ended up in another world? This is what you have to find out. The gameplay itself is based on the study of various objects in your house and solving riddles, along the way exploring the large location of the mansion. The main emphasis in the game is made on the atmosphere, because the protagonist is now and then haunted by various visions, nightmares and hallucinations.

Penumbra series

Scariest Games - Top 10

This series consists of two parts of the series and several official additions, the last of which was released in 2008, all parts and DLC of the franchise were released only on the PC. Despite this old age and slightly outdated graphics, the game is still atmospheric and interesting. The series is very much reminiscent of the famous Amnesia, and the gameplay in all parts and additions is built on finding an object, using it correctly and leaving the location. Along the way, the main character will be pursued by various enemies in the form of monsters. Well, dark atmospheric locations along with the hallucinations of the main character are also available here. In general, a good mixture of quest and horror, which has long become a classic for these genres.

FEAR series

Scariest Games - Top 10

Of all this list of games, the FEAR franchise is the least similar to horror in the classic sense of the genre. We play here in the first person for a military man who has many types of different weapons and perfectly uses them in action. In this regard, the game is mostly a first-person shooter, where it is possible to slow down time, however, the main antagonist of the series in the person of a little girl Alma Wade, who has paranormal abilities and constantly causes hallucinations and nightmares in the protagonist, brings significant elements of the horror genre into the game …


As you can see, there are many different projects in the horror genre. Some of them are classic incarnations of horror, some are a mixture of different genres. In any case, each of the games on this list is interesting and unforgettable in its own way, and every fan of the genre can find here his own project to his liking. I would like to note that among the “horror films” there are a great many good projects that could not be included in this list, so do not judge strictly. I hope you enjoyed this collection and you will choose some of these games.

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