Boosting in online games. What are the pros and cons of it and is it worth using it?

Over time, many players in various online games come to a point when they realize that their level of play is significantly superior to most other people, but at the same time it is still insufficient to become a professional and start playing at major championships, to enter various organizations and get paid. In such a situation, many find themselves at a crossroads – most continue to conquer the peaks of the skill and try to get into pro-teams. Some become professional analysts and do esports betting on… Still others decide to stop their race for the championship and begin to bump accounts for other people, that is, they help them to artificially raise their rating.

For many users of online games, the problem of boosting accounts is quite relevant, since most people believe that this only harms the gaming community, since obviously weak players often find themselves on a rating that is much higher than they should be, which is why time after time at once they begin to spoil the games for everyone who happens to be with them. In particular, this problem has become relevant and common among players in Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, although it is also present in many other shooters and online games.

In this regard, we will try to figure out what the pros and cons of boosting are and how relevant it is for players of a particular MMO.

What are the benefits of boosting

First, you need to figure out what you basically get from the fact that you order a boost to your rating on your account:

  • High rating on your account. Often people order a boost for their own account just to tell their friends or some acquaintances who are also interested in this game about their successes.
  • The ability to play with more skillful players. Some people buy this service in order to come face to face with serious opponents, and thus give themselves a boost.
  • Saving time on self-raising the rating. This plus is relevant for those who believe that his level of play is higher than that of others, but bad teammates prevent him from climbing.

This is where the benefits end. Of course, saving time is the key from this list, because no one wants to spend hundreds of hours trying to achieve the same result that a booster can provide in just a couple of weeks.

What are the disadvantages of boosting

Next, we will talk about what the disadvantages of boosting are not for the community as a whole, since they are quite obvious, namely for those people who order such services.

The first negative is the cost. Despite the fact that boosters get relatively little if they are put on a par with other professionals from different fields, their services are still paid decently, therefore, in order to get a really tangible increase in the rating, you will often have to pay more than 10,000 rubles.

The second minus is the very impression of the game. Yes, on the one hand, you find yourself with more skillful players and you can learn something from them, but, on the other hand, when the opponents significantly surpass you in terms of the game, the impressions from such a pastime quickly become negative. Moreover, given the mentality of our community, over time, your teammates will also lose their desire to play with you, which will make matches over and over again completely meaningless for you. More often than not, the account can also be abundantly reported for a bad game, which will lead to the fact that each subsequent match will be played with less and less loyal teammates, who will only spoil your mood from an already unpleasant game.

Some players believe that they cannot raise the rating on their own, because they constantly come across bad teammates, and despite the fact that their level of play is much higher in comparison with other players from their rating, they cannot rise, as they are constantly faced people who are better than the four who play for their team. But think about whether this is really so, if the booster is ready to do this job within a few days, if you just pay him money?

It is quite common, for example, that boosters are raised on certain heroes, which are designed for quick victory, therefore they achieve such phenomenal results, while some player who, conventionally, is used to playing exclusively on supports, climbs to principle cannot. In practice, these arguments have already been repeatedly refuted, when players of even non-semi-professional level returned to their rating for one or two months, playing exclusively in support positions. For KS: GO, this distribution is, in principle, not relevant, since everyone is in equal conditions.

As a result, only boosters generally benefit from the boost. Both clients and players with whom they have to get into matches receive only negative, and the latter can often turn into new clients of boosters, because they really come across bad teammates who have already managed to use such services.

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