BTS Pro Series 3 – Dota 2 Tournament Results

The esports industry delights fans with exciting daily matches and tournaments. This can be seen by visiting the site – dozens of exciting meetings every day.

In early September, a large online tournament started – BTS Pro Series Season 3. According to the classics, the event was divided into regions. The strongest teams from Asia, America and Europe (including the CIS countries) fought among themselves. At the moment, the Asian and European teams continue to fight in the playoffs, but the American ones have already identified the winner.

American tournament

BTS Pro Series 3 America kicked off back on September 7th. All teams played 9 matches against each other in the group stage. According to the results, the teams that took 1-4 places went to the upper bracket. Teams from 5th to 8th line went to the bottom, where they have no room for error: defeat means elimination. In the upper bracket, the teams do not fly out in case of defeat, but fall into the lower one.

As a result of the group stage, Havan Liberty and business associates left the tournament. The second team played only one match, after which they withdrew from the competition. At the same time, BA left the legendary Fear, who decided to take a break from professional Dota 2 until next season. His team plans to continue playing, but under a different name.

BTS Pro Series 3

Quincy Crew, beastcoast, Infamous and Team Brasil made their way to the upper bracket. CR4ZY, Thunder Predator, 4 zoomers, Infinity Esports advanced to the bottom of the playoffs.

The elimination game began on September 20th. Quincy Crew confidently passed the upper bracket to the final. First, the American team beat Team Brasil, after which Infamous from Peru was defeated. CR4ZY, who started from the first round of the lower part of the tournament, confidently made their way through their grid to the final match.

The first map of the grand final was taken by CR4ZY in 40 minutes. The second point went to Quincy Crew. The third map turned out to be very tense. The match lasted almost an hour and a half, and the victory went to QC. The fourth map went through one wicket – here the Quincy Crew were stronger, which became the BTS Pro Series 3 champions in the American region. For the first place the team received 21 thousand dollars. CR4ZY earned $ 11,000. The total prize fund of this event is 50 thousand dollars.

Europe and Asia

In these regions, the tournaments started a little later. When the grand final was played in America, the group stage was just over in Europe. The format of the tournament was the same. Mudgolems,, Ninjas in Pajamas and khan made it to the upper bracket following the results of the group stage. Places from 5 to 8 were taken by Hellraisers, Team Empire, 5men and Team Unique. These teams will continue their performance in the losers’ bracket. Only one team left the tournament – B8, where Danil Dendi Ishutin plays. The playoff stage starts on September 27.

At the same time, the group stage of the Asian tournament ended. The elimination matches will begin on September 24th and the final match will take place on the 27th.

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