ESports Marketing. How to get the maximum conversion rate?

Perhaps every marketer dreams that his brand’s advertising would receive a good conversion with minimal investment, arouse interest among the target audience, would not be perceived intrusively and would allow for a long time to form a loyal attitude to the product among the consumer. According to experts, of all the formats of brand promotion available today, esports marketing is one of the most promising. Esports is a fast-paced phenomenon with an astounding growth rate. Having started its history in the early 2000s with small championships, esports was able to develop into an entire industry with annual multi-million dollar sponsorship investments. The number of the audience has also grown every year, and this trend has an avalanche trend. In the near future, the processes of eSports development will not slow down, which gives an opportunity for many companies that are interested in development to enter game marketing now in order to gain recognition among the eSports audience and increase sales. However, in order to earn the loyalty of esports fans, you need to find a common language with them. The fact is that this audience has its own characteristics of information perception and a range of interests.

In order to conduct an advertising campaign with maximum benefit and get high conversion, it is best to use the services of professionals. These professionals are esports marketing agencies. For example, Adrun agency, which today occupies one of the top places in the service market. It was to the specialists of this company that we turned with a request to comment on the current trends in gaming marketing and the situation on the market.

The esports audience needs a different approach. The secrets of esports marketing professionals

According to experts from Adrun today we are seeing a very interesting picture. The fact is that, until recently, the world community did not perceive esports as something serious. That is, ordinary people formed the opinion that e-sports is some kind of toys, children’s fun and nothing more. In the meantime, the esports community has been constantly evolving, forming the basis for a real explosion. And when this explosion happened, many were very surprised. It turns out that today esports has a multimillion-dollar audience, which itself actively plays games and follows the broadcasts of competitions. Many eSports projects were created by a group of enthusiasts who, without the infusion of large sums from outside, were able to create high-quality and interesting projects that viewers are watching with interest. Among such projects, there are many eSports teams that started from scratch and were able to achieve great success. It also includes bloggers and streamers who cover the news of the esports industry. In fact, all these people today are media personalities and opinion leaders. Over the years that have been spent on the development of their projects, they have been able to gain the trust and loyalty of the public. They also formed their own language for communicating with the audience, which is accessible and understandable for every fan of esports competitions.

If you want to effectively promote your product to an esports audience, then you must communicate your thoughts using the right interaction format. Esports marketing agencies work closely with teams, tournament organizers and bloggers. In addition, they regularly analyze the market and draw up a psychological portrait of the audience. For example, Adrun agency is able to conduct a unique marketing research for the needs of a specific customer and identify the needs of the target audience. After that, a brand promotion strategy is created, taking into account all the features of the product. Further, it is possible to conduct an advertising campaign in many different ways. This can be the creation of a unique branded championship, sponsorship of teams, attraction of bloggers, and so on. These tools can be used individually or combined according to campaign strategy. However, the most important factor that will be provided with this interaction format is unobtrusive integration, which will be voiced to esports fans in a language they understand. Only this approach can give a good conversion and increase sales.

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