Everything I would like to know about the PlayStation 5, but Sony is hiding the details

With the launch of the PlayStation 5 in about a month, you can expect to have a clearer understanding of what a console is by now. Yes, you will be able to play most PS4 games on it, and you can expect to see a strong Sony product line emerge in the coming years. We know how to disassemble it, install an additional SSD, and switch from landscape to portrait orientation. But there are tons of questions that still remain, including some critical ones that get even weirder when you consider that you may have already spent some money pre-ordering the PS5.

The question is immediately obvious: what the hell does the PS5 user interface look like? Is it transferring PS4 menu settings? Are themes portable for PS4 – or are themes even available on PS5?

It’s weird not to see even a single screenshot of the menu. Why is Sony so withholding details? Personally, we can’t wait to take a look, because I’m always interested to see the next generation console interface, adding any new features (for this reason, I’m a little disappointed by the lack of an overhaul on the part of the Xbox). But that’s not one of those things that will necessarily play a huge role in deciding whether or not to pre-order the PS5.

However, answering other questions will have a more significant impact on your PS5 experience. Will the party system work from generation to generation so you can connect with friends who aren’t moving to a future console? Sony says most PS4 games are backward compatible with PS5, but depending on how multiplayer works, you might not want to trade your PS4 for a new console. This also applies to Xbox Series X / Series S, and it’s hard to see how it is. If one player moves onto the next generation, but his partner stays on Xbox One, will they be able to play each game together? Will the new version of GTA Online separate them from each other? Who knows!

At least in the case of Xbox, we have a good understanding of how backward compatibility works and the types of enhancements it potentially allows. As for the PS5, Sony said very little – it just will work for most PS4 games. But which games don’t work? Is there a chance this will allow the 60fps version of Bloodborne to be played? Has Sony come up with something like Microsoft’s auto-HDR feature that introduces HDR to games that didn’t previously support it? Why don’t some PS5 games support intergenerational saves like their Xbox equivalents?

It’s great that backward compatibility has become the norm for the new generation, but Sony’s lack of communication is worrying. It is unclear if this is due to the difficulties of COVID-19, Sony is trying to keep quiet about the fact that Microsoft’s backward compatibility is more full-featured, or something else, but for those trying to decide which next-gen console to buy, this is important information.

There is still a lot that remains unanswered. Are backward compatible external hard drives for gaming supported? Will trophies and cloud saves sync more smoothly than PS4? Will PSN downloads finally get faster?

Sony is still providing new information drop by drop and hopefully some of these topics will be covered in the weeks leading up to launch. The company recently announced that the PS5’s virtual surround sound won’t be available to your TV’s speakers at launch, although 3D Audio will work with headsets from day one. In a recent video, PS5 showed off the system’s storage expansion process and showed a clever tool that lets you vacuum the dust off your console. We’re constantly learning a little about the console, but not in the same way as with the Xbox Series X, which is already in the hands of the media and allowing Microsoft to dominate.

So many unanswered questions remain – including some that seem to have had to be resolved before pre-orders opened – that it’s hard not to feel a little uncomfortable with the upcoming launch of next-gen consoles. But at the same time, it’s frustrating to ask so many questions about whether this $ 500 purchase was reasonable.

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