Exclusive details of IgroMir 2015 and Comic-Con Russia 2015

Very soon, the largest event of this year, IgroMir 2015, will be held at the Moscow Exhibition Center. In addition to this event, Comic-Con Russia 2015 will also take place, which will undoubtedly delight all visitors.

Maxim Maslov shared with us the details of the upcoming IgroMir 2015 and Comic-Con Russia 2015. As many remember, last year’s IgroMir gathered more than 150 thousand people. It is impossible not to notice how the popularity of such events is growing every year. For example, the very first IgroMir gathered a little more than 25 thousand people. And if we take into account what E3 was this year, what games were released and announced, then the number of visitors to IgroMir 2015 will definitely exceed 170 thousand people. It is for this reason that the founders of IgroMir 2015 are carefully preparing. Now, for example, the previously designated business area will be completely redesigned as a gaming hall. Moreover, such a game room will not be one, but as many as four.

At the same time, Maxim Maslov, who is one of the founders of IgroMir 2015, admits that Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego is much better than IgroMir 2015, because this event is celebrated by the whole city, respectively, the exposition goes much further than the pavilion, unlike Russian Igromir. In addition, Comic-Con has always been distinguished by the fact that large gaming companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix have come there, which hold their own contests, give the opportunity to play their novelties and even create exciting attractions. For example, this year Ubisoft made everyone happy with the ride, where you could take the Leap of Faith just like in the Assassin’s Creed series! And it was all completely free, of course, if you defend your turn. In general, Comic-Con is something that our IgroMir will have to equal for many years. And all due to the fact that in San Diego during this holiday literally all the streets are filled, every corner, everywhere has its own unique attractions and heroes.

But this does not mean that the Russian IgroMir is too much inferior to other similar events. For example, if we compare game exhibitions in Chicago, New York and even San Diego, then they are very much inferior to our Russian cosplayers. IgroMir works closely with cosplayers, carefully selects them and provides them with all the best conditions. Of course, you must provide your quality suit before being given a ticket. But in any case, this branch of the gaming industry in our country is very developed. It is for this reason that IgroMir 2015 will be very full of a variety of characters that will undoubtedly delight you. For example, let’s remember last year’s Wolverine, which was incredibly believable. The person who made this cosplay would surely fit well as Hugh Jackman’s lookalike.

Maxim Maslov also told us that last year they were going to bring many popular and famous actors to IgroMir 2014. But at that moment, due to our economic situation and those ridiculous rumors that other countries were spreading, many the actors simply refused to go, even though very good conditions were offered and they knew that there would be nothing wrong with the trip. By the way, that year, if anyone remembers, Misha Collins himself visited Igromir, who is also known as “Castiel” from the popular film series “Supernatural”. But do not be upset this time, since Maxim Maslov announced that this time three famous film actors will visit Igromir. He cannot say exactly who will visit the exhibition, since he does not have contracts with him, but very soon he will receive the first contract. Moreover, the first published person will not even be an actor, but an actress. And by the way, Maxim says that the entire gaming community knows her, and she represents the bright side of power. Maxim also immediately said that she was not from the Star Wars universe, so it’s up to you to solve the riddle.

It also became known that IgroMir will be visited by Ubisoft, which is already preparing something enchanting for all visitors. There is nothing more detailed Maxim Maslov cannot tell us about this, since he is not in charge of organizing conferences, but he assures everyone that it will be interesting. As for the Russian Comic-Con, there will definitely be announced two premieres of new TV3 series and there will definitely be a stand dedicated to the Star Wars universe. So maybe even the famous Darth Vader from San Diego, who is the only officially registered Darth Vader, will come here. In addition, autographs and photo sessions will be allowed, but they will be paid, since there are usually a lot of visitors and the actors simply may not have enough energy to sign for everyone and take pictures with everyone. But Maxim Maslov claims that the price for autographs and photo sessions will be humane, so everyone can pay what they want. But the introduction of such rules is understandable, because a couple of very old actors come across who are simply not able to give an autograph to everyone, and this is not taking into account a couple of angry people. That is why the price will be able to calm everyone, so to speak. Also, at the Russian Comic-Con, two huge stages will be equipped, which were equipped for a huge audience.

Many are probably interested in what exactly is included in the VIP tickets, and so: firstly, you can visit all four days and, including a business day; secondly, the holders of this ticket can also go inside through a separate entrance; thirdly, it includes a quality backpack, quality headphones, a T-shirt and a mug. In addition, there will be other surprises, but they will be announced closer to IgroMir, but it is already clear that the gift edition will definitely include various trinkets from major game developers and the founders of IgroMir themselves. Also, VIP tickets will not provide any special privileges. For example, having a VIP ticket, you will not be able to play out of turn in any exclusive game, or buy yourself food out of turn. For people who have these special tickets, their own separate queues will be designed, for example, to some actor – that is, they will have to stand the same, but less, because not everyone buys these tickets. Also, do not forget that tickets must be ordered as soon as possible, because there are no analogues of such an event, therefore, tickets sell out very quickly.

Since IgroMir adheres to the laws of the Russian Federation, there are no age restrictions. But there are some conditions, for example, if you are not more than 14 years old, then you will be able to pass only accompanied by an adult. For very young children, a ticket is not required for them. Also, the games that will be presented at the exhibition will be marked. And this means that if the age limit is 16+, then younger kids cannot go there. Also at IgroMir there will be a “Children’s Zone” in which parents can leave their children. And you don’t have to worry about your children, as kindergarten teachers will work there along with reliable guards.

Maxim Maslov also spoke about the problems of moving, because many people are too far from Moscow and not everyone can stay in any place. And on this occasion, especially for such situations in honor of IgroMir 2015, many hostels have been opened, which directly cooperate with the organizers of this event, so you can easily find a place to live. Also, do not forget that IgroMir has a good community that can help you without any problems.

And finally, we would like to inform you that the famous musical group Nogu Svelo will visit Comic-Сon. Moreover, this will not be the only group that will attend the exhibition. But what is more interesting is that all four days at the exhibition there will be many different concerts. As for IgroMir, as it should be, it will feature a wide variety of games, game zones, and much more than last year. It is known that something incredible for the players is being prepared by Wargaming, Sony, SoftKlab and, of course, Ubisoft. In any case, what exactly these large companies are preparing is still a mystery, because they decide everything among themselves and it will be possible to find out what they have prepared only at IgroMir 2015.

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