F1 2020: first look

Formula 1 is a fairly popular sport all over the world. All people, even those far from motorsport, know such racers as Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Ayrton Senna. Formula 1 races are watched by millions of fans around the world. Many people place bets using rating of bookmakersto select a reliable company with the best ratios.

Everyone can feel like a Formula 1 pilot. Already this summer comes the official series of games about this racing league – F1 from the Codemasters studio. A new version is expected to be released on July 10.

What’s new in F1 2020?

A new mode will be added to the 2020 game – “My Team”. In it, the player can feel like the director of his own “stable”. In the role of the head of the team, you will need to choose the title sponsor, the supplier of engines for the cars. You will also need to find a co-pilot for yourself, who can be selected from real F1 and F2 racers. Of course, top athletes will not join the new team, so it will be necessary to earn reputation, money, and improve the organization’s infrastructure. After that, it will be possible to think about inviting the conditional Vettel or Hamilton to the camp of your “stable”.

As for the regular career, there are also some changes in it. Not everyone likes long seasons – you want to go through all 10 years as quickly as possible. F1 2020 has the ability to control the number of races. This can shorten the length of the season. Also, the player gets the opportunity to independently choose which tracks he wants to remove and which ones to leave.

As you know, F1 games are not simple. This is not a race a la Need for Speed ​​- here the controls are as realistic as possible. But in F1 2020, they decided to go to meet casual players by adding a corresponding mode. It significantly simplifies some of the mechanics: setting up the car, as well as the ability to automatically recover on the track when flying into the sand or grass.

A total of 20 official F1 drivers, 10 teams, and 22 tracks, among which there are two new ones, will be available in the game. Thus, the Vietnamese Hanoi and the Dutch Zandvoort were added. These tracks have not yet hosted official races due to the suspension of the season, and gamers can be said to get an exclusive opportunity to try them out.

For people who like to play races with friends, there is good news – there will be a split screen mode in F1 2020. This will allow two people to play the game at the same time. The screen is split horizontally. This mode will be especially useful for owners of consoles.

F1 2020 will provide the opportunity for players to independently customize the interface for the race. You can also save three configurations at once: for practice, pit stop and the race itself. In the 2020 version, a new interface element is also available – the rearview mirror. It can be added or removed as the player wishes.

In F1 2020, the ERS system was fully automated. Now only one button is available in it – “Overtake”. By clicking on it, the player will increase the power of the car, but the battery charge will decrease.

As mentioned earlier, F1 2020 will be released very soon – July 10th. For impatient gamers, there is an opportunity to play the game as early as July 8th, but you will need to overpay a small amount for a special edition – F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition. In addition to earlier access, the owner of the deluxe version also receives exclusive customization items for the car. As you might guess from the title, the edition is dedicated to Michael Schumacher. By purchasing this version, the player will receive 4 cars, which at one time drove this legendary racer.

The cost of pre-ordering the regular version of the game for the PC is $ 27.99, the special edition is $ 31.99. F1 2020 is now available for purchase on Steam.

System requirements

To play comfortably, you need an Intel Core i5 9600K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600X or higher processor, an NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti / AMD RX 590 video card (DirectX12 Graphics Card), 16 GB RAM. F1 2020 will weigh 80 gigabytes.

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