Fran Bow – Analyzing the plot and ending of the game

If you are here, then you have not understood the storyline or anything related to it. Before you scroll down, remember – this article is one big spoiler. If you do not want to spoil the impression of the passage, then first go through Fran Bow and only after that begin to understand the storyline and the story as a whole.

Plot, story, ending

The entire plot of the game revolves around one single character – Fran. Fren is the center of all the events that took place in the game. The fact is that it is Fren who must become the one who will be the Gatekeeper (or Guardian) of five dimensions, four of which cannot be seen by an ordinary person. And the parents of this little girl knew about her peculiarity (gift), so they did their best to hide the girl from people who tried to profit from the child’s abilities.

Now we are talking specifically about the head of the hospital in which the girl found herself and the game begins. And also Aunt Fren, whom it accepts until the very last moment as the closest and kindest person. The death of the girl’s parents is the result of the fact that they tried to hide the girl from the evil doctor and the evil aunt.

When they found out that Fren’s parents were hiding her, the bad people (doctor and aunt) talk to the Son of Darkness and eventually kill the parents. Naturally, after such a terrible action, Fren is locked up in a mental hospital, where she must do what the bad people and the forces of evil in general have planned.

But soon things do not go as planned by the forces of evil. And all due to the fact that the girl is being helped to get her feet out of this place. Basically, old Itward (the character in the hat) helps the girl in this. In fact, he is not imaginary – he is quite real. And he helped Fren since childhood. And only thanks to his prompts, you take the poor girl out of the sick psychiatric hospital (with the help of prompts and other things). After that, he led the girl to other realities, where he revealed the girl’s true destiny – the fate of the Guardian (Key Keeper). In the part of the passage where there were tree people and beetles, at the very end near the portal, the magician, together with the king, say this more than once.

In general, after that the girl leaves for answers and with her cat to a certain “mother of all evil” – that is, to the fifth dimension. It is at this moment that the “mother of all evil” tells what her son needs a girl for. The son is that horned monster with the skull of a goat, who still works for his personal interests and the interests of the doctor along with his aunt.

After this conversation, Fren goes to rescue her cat and the attending physician. What is most interesting is that they became prisoners of another reality. In the end, Fren grapples with the head physician in a wheelchair and her aunt. At some point, the doctor shoots Fren in the bust because she pounces on her aunt, who threw the cat into the abyss.

As a result, Fren is injured. Help from other realities arrives unexpectedly. The first step is to save the cat, after which the girl is treated, and the evil is killed. After that, Fren makes the doctor forget about everything, who tried to help her and, in the end, leaves reality with a bunch of friends.

This is where the end comes. Fren’s further fate remains a mystery. Maybe she “settled” in some other reality, or she fulfilled what she was intended for – she became a gatekeeper (or a housekeeper). Or maybe she returned home, which is unlikely, because there is nothing to do there. In any case, everything is fine: the girl is saved, the cat is saved, and the evil has gone into oblivion!

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