Halo Online – Russian Exclusive

You can rub your eyes or pull your hand as much as you like, but this is not a dream or even glitches. Halo Online really goes to Russia and it moves much faster than you think, and it seems to be moving only to Russia and only on PC, moreover, it will be on the well-known shareware free-to-play model!

Although the news may not be so new, the very “hot” conversations have not subsided to this day. Gathering information about this game was very difficult, since the game did not come out and is even at the stage of incomplete testing. But nevertheless, we have very useful information for you, which will undoubtedly please you.

We remind you that Halo is a fairly large series of first-person shooters that was developed by Microsoft. This series has more than ten games, and three parts of this series were released on the PC! Due to its quality, Halo quickly gained a huge following worldwide and even became one of the most iconic games in history. The game is especially popular in America, however, where it came from.

In Russia, the fairy tale about “Master Chief” is not so popular, and even this is even putting it mildly, but there are good reasons for this. After the first part of the game came out (and on time and at the same time all over the world), Halo completely and completely dumps on the console, where he “dug” until the fourth part. After such a long time, she returns to the PC again with the second game in the series. New items, in turn, to this day are gathering dust as exclusives for consoles, and in general, some have still not received a translation (this is how they love the series in Russia, unlike any dragons and Mario).

Why Russia?

Let’s first try to understand why it is Russia that is exceptionally strange, which will be the first to “feel” this unique multiplayer. In fact, there are not so many options presented. Let’s just remember that games are the same business for Microsoft and apparently based on this, they have some interests of their own in our country. And it would be more logical to assume that the free-to-play model is suitable for any of the Russian schoolchildren who once literally made the developers of the Warface game rich, thereby beating the collection of never-sinking and never-killed tankers from World of Tanks.

And we can also assume that Microsoft is simply preparing the “soil” so to speak for the massive invasion of the Halo series. For the gaming audience, this should feel like a kick in the ass. This is the most reasonable assumption, since Microsoft (unlike the same Sony) has never tried and never tried to fight for the hearts of Russian players.

Free-to-play, seriously?

As mentioned above, the game will be built on a shareware system, so everyone (who is not going to invest their “real”) will be able to get almost all the game content, but nevertheless, the rest of the game can only be opened for those who will spend their money in Game. How severe and merciless donation will be in the game is unknown. But we would not doubt that the game developers would not want to “milk” and turn Halo Onlin into their “cow”.

It is likely that the game will sell some “boosters” for pumping (see the screenshot above), which will give temporary various bonuses to growth and experience. In addition, as it seems to us, there will be something like a “customizer” in the game, some kind of mini-crap that changes the appearance of your hero, and rather does not give any additional effects and bonuses. As a last resort, there will be something like in-game currency with which you can buy something of value. This currency will be given to you for farming, completing something (as is usually the case in online shooters). They will represent them from some beautiful coins, and for them you can buy yourself a gun and much more. And of course there will be some already cool coins in the game, for which you can buy absolutely everything in the game. We think that all this will be done not with an emphasis on “robbing” the game, but simply for the sake of variety and beauty, and of course for a faster leveling of the hero.

Who will do the exclusive?

They will definitely not be dealt with by Microsoft, and the developers will not be from America, but they will most likely follow the development. As it became known recently, 343 Studios and the St. Petersburg studio Saber will take on the Halo Online game. But the game will be published by Innova (one can even consider “Fogame”). It is these people who once staged a free-to-play hell for all our compatriots in almost a dozen different “free” games.

In general, no one is happy with such a composition, therefore, there will be no shouts of joy at all, because unpopular publishers got behind the wheel, although probably even antipopular ones. For something somewhere overseas, the Americans are indignant, from the decision of the developers to transfer the game into the hands of the Russians.

Yes, this is understandable, because the Halo series is dearer to them than any other shooter, this is not a “Code” and not “Battle” – a national shooter! The national shooter was taken there by some kind of Russia, against which they imposed a bunch of sanctions, and she also received a pie from them! In general, laughter and only.

What if it’s just another free-to-play?

On this in the water there is nothing to say, but the trailer showed the usual mode for the Halo series. Everyone is jumping, hiding behind shields, throwing guarantors, etc. It is clear that there will be battles of the “capture points” type, familiar to everyone. The sizes of battles are the same standard as everywhere else: mini-maps from four to eight players and slightly larger, which have sixteen players.

You can probably take into account the fact that the Halo series was dealt with by professionals who “ate the dog” in this matter, and now completely different people will start working, who practically do not understand anything about this, although … How to compare the game from those and those developers, if up to this point in Russia no one was interested in the Halo series? Based on this, not everyone will be able to understand “good” or “bad” game will turn out. And the game has a very specific gameplay, which not everyone liked even then. In general, the game will be “tortured” very hard, but the Americans should not let their “national game” be outraged.

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