Hearthstone game format relaunch scheduled for spring 2016

The authors of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft decided to divide the gameplay into two formats: standard and free. With the introduction of the standard version, the company will solve the problem of “unfair” play between newcomers and long-livers of the Warcraft world. In the free passage, all the favorite Hearthstone “chips” will remain.


What changes have the developers prepared? In standard life mode, gamers will only be able to fight with relatively new maps. Decks are made up of Classic, Basic, and sets that have emerged over the course of this year and the past. To fight you will find an opponent with a deck similar to yours. That is, there will be no big differences and superiority in strength.

The new format is intended to create a fairer and more balanced gameplay – veterans and newbies will play roughly the same cards. Due to the set limitation, the value of every available card will increase. The developers themselves hope that the planned standard will somewhat “untie” their hands when creating new instances and images. The newly created standard Hearthstone format will be available in Ranked Play, Friendly Adventures, and is a great way to familiarize yourself with the rules.


Free play is just the old format, but with a new name. It’s all the same unpredictability, fun, and freedom of action for which players love Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. There will no longer be an emphasis on balance and balance in fights – anything can happen. Free play will allow you to have a killer time in the arena, in single player and adventure mode. Over time, the player will have more and more cards, which will make the format even more unpredictable and “non-linear”.

Spring updates will barely affect Freeplay. Players can continue to rank, build decks, complete quests, and win gold and card backs. As before, players will have access to the “Legend” status, which will still be difficult to achieve. If you want to enter the regular and ranked format of the game, you will be matched with an opponent with a freestyle deck as well.


Ranked games can be played in one of the formats or both. The player will only have to choose the one that is easier for him to complete. In each format, the participants will have a separate rank, so you can get the “Legend” both there and there. Naturally, some will not be able to get it anywhere! But in any case, there will be one reward at the end of the season and it will be determined by the best results in one of the modes.


With the introduction of Spring Break, the Hearthstone devs want to appreciate all the baggage the game carries. In 2016, a certain number of maps will be reassessed, and some amendments will be introduced into their description. The authors of the game are in no hurry to make changes to the sets for the sake of balance, and honestly admitted that they are not going to do this in the future. But the new format forces us to revise the composition of the classic (including class cards) and basic sets. One gets the impression that the developers have not yet decided which maps will change and for what reason. We’ll have to wait for the updates!


The players will also receive an unexpected “bun” – when all nine pieces of heroes are opened, the gamer will be presented with the same number of new places for the decks. That is, now you will have 18. It is convenient, visual, yes, and just beautiful! Perfectionists, rejoice, now everything will lie in its place.


The deck for games of the new standard can be made from the following sets: classic, basic, “Big Tournament”, “League of Explorers”, “Black Mountain” and a new one, which will be released this spring and for which there is no name yet. The Goblins and Gnomes and Curse of Naxxramas collections are too old to be used in the new standard game format. Year after year sets will appear and go away ㅡ this is life, this is normal!

Its own annual cycle will be “tied” to the standard mode. The constellation that ascended over the land of Azeroth will become the symbol of the period. The departure of the old constellation and the appearance of a new one in the firmament predict the beginning of the year. The world of Hearthstone will celebrate the holiday with noise, fun and new card packs. A new gaming “era” will soon usher in the year of the Kraken.


The authors will soon remove the obsolete Goblins and Gnomes and Curse of Naxxramas from the Hearthstone store, as they will not be included in the standard playthrough anyway. But players for the collection or free time in the worlds of Warcraft can still manage to collect adventure cards or buy wings to complete the passage. If you have a part of the item, you can definitely purchase the rest, do not be discouraged! Gamers are now given the opportunity to create the necessary instances from arcane dust, including those that could not be created before the release of the update.


Hearthstone strives to improve, liven up and diversify the game by introducing a “fair” format for newbies and leaving a free mode for all adventurers. Rare and hard-to-find maps will be added to player collections with each obsolete set and removed adventure. As a result, free decks will include both old and newest sets. The spectacular and exhilarating Hearthstone Championship Tour will be played on standard.

If you don’t understand something and are afraid to start, you can always watch how pro-gamers act in the world of Hearthstone. For example, Jason Somerville’s streams will help a newbie get comfortable. By the way, you can ask the players your questions, they are happy to chat! Until then, listen to the designer’s thoughts on the new format:

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