How to make money on CS: GO?

A computer game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allows you not only to have fun, but also can become a source of good income. In this article we will look at several ways to make money on this game – any of the following will probably suit you.

Earnings on in-game items

In CS: GO, each player can purchase different things – skins. They visually improve the weapon, give it a new look. Despite the high cost of some things, they do not give absolutely any advantage – only the appearance of a pistol, rifle or character changes.

But people are still actively buying these in-game items. For some skins, players are willing to pay several thousand dollars just to get a set of pixels. You can make good money on this.

Every week, just for playing CS: GO, your inventory is replenished with new items. To do this, you need to play several games, score 5000 points – this can be done in 4-6 matches. It can fall out as a cheap thing for a few cents, and a more expensive skin – how lucky you are.

In addition to the weekly bonus, cases also drop in matches. They cost from 4 cents, but there are separate chests, the price of which reaches several tens of dollars. So, cases are very expensive in the first hours after the release of new game operations. Enterprising players start whole farms that knock out cases and enrich their owners. It is important to catch the right moment in order to increase your chances of getting a cool skin from the case on

Major esports tournaments of the Major series are held twice a year. Players also earn on them through all the same cases. The price for them starts from 2-3 dollars, and only grows over time. To get a case, you just need to turn on the broadcast of matches on Twitch, having previously linked your Steam account to your profile on the site.


The esports market is valued at billions of dollars, and everyone has the opportunity to get their own little piece of this fatty pie. The hardest option is to break into esports.

If you play CS: GO well, then you can try to assemble a team of the same charged people and start fighting your way into the big arena. Your team can take part in the Faceit, Starladder, ESEA league tournaments. These organizations often host rookie tournaments.

Of course, not everyone will be able to become a professional gamer, because hundreds of thousands, and maybe even millions of people around the world dream of this – there is a lot of competition for a place in the sun. The simpler option is to place bets.

You can actively follow tournaments, analyze games, make mental bets and predictions first, and then play for real money. Today, many people make money in this way. Over time, when you have a lot of experience in the field of esports, you will be able to sell your predictions for good money – there are also enough buyers for this.

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