Hyde. How to become the best sniper in CS: GO

Each professional CS: GO team includes a player with a sniper rifle. The role of a sniper is very important in the game, and today it is difficult to imagine CS: GO competitions without a person with AWP. A good sniper sets the pace of the game for the whole team and makes key frags on the map. Therefore, each professional team seeks to educate its own shooter or to lure the awaper from another team to its own state. In addition to the AWP, there are other rifles with a telescopic sight in the game, but they are inferior in performance and are assigned a supporting role. Thus, the WUA is the main tool of the sniper. And like any other tool, WUA requires special skills to work and train. It is a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled player. Let’s talk about how to handle it in more detail.

How to become the best sniper in CS: GO

AWP is the sniper’s main argument

The Accuracy International L96A1 / Arctic Warfare is a precision sniper rifle produced in the UK since the 1980s. In CS: GO, it is presented in the form of an AWP modification produced specifically for the police and special forces. The standard appearance of this weapon assumes a dark green color of the stock and butt. But if the appearance of the weapon does not suit you, then you can easily change the appearance with the help of special skins. You can get skins opening cases CS GO… Cases can drop out to you in the game itself, and you can also open CS: GO cases on a special site (more details). The rifle magazine holds 10 rounds. This amount is enough to destroy the entire enemy team of 5 people. After all, usually one well-aimed shot from the AWP is quite enough to guarantee to disable the enemy. But in addition to this, 3 more magazines are included with the rifle. The main advantage of the weapon is its damage. This is the most powerful rifle in the game. Also, the advantages of the AVP include high accuracy of shooting and the presence of a powerful optical sight. All this makes the weapon even more deadly, especially at long range. The disadvantages include:

– High weight of weapons, which slows down the speed of movement on the map

– High purchase cost, which makes it necessary to correctly calculate the economy, especially when playing for a special forces team

– Long cooldown, which in the event of a miss makes the player very vulnerable in melee

– Loud sound of a shot unmasks the sniper

– Low shooting accuracy without using optics

The ability to properly consider these factors is the key to success for a good awaper. Let’s consider what skills a sniper should have for a high-quality game with WUA.

Fast and accurate

In order to achieve success in the game as a sniper, you have to train your accuracy and reaction. A good avaper should aim the crosshair at the enemy in a split second and make an accurate shot. That said, the size of the target also matters. The enemy can inadvertently put his leg or elbow out of cover, and at this moment you must have time to hang the frag, hitting the pixel of the opponent’s model. This may seem like a daunting task, but you can regularly observe such moments while watching professional performances of e-sportsmen. The famous phrase one shot, one kill should become your motto. In the event of a miss, you will become easy prey for a more mobile enemy who can easily kill you by catching you at the time of reloading.

How to become the best sniper in CS: GO

To train accuracy and reaction, you can use maps from the workshop such as aim_botz, training_aim_csgo and aimtraindriving

Correct positioning on the map

When playing as a sniper, it is very important to know the special points on the map, which are suitable both for ambushes when playing in defense, and will allow you to cover teammates when playing in an attack. Take deep positions to take full advantage of the telescopic sight. If you play in a team of terrorists, you can go under the cover of your partner, “probing” with a zoom all the dangerous points. Take your time, do not ask for trouble, and after making a frag, retreat to a prepared position. A good sniper knows how to correctly catch an opponent on a mistake by giving the so-called “opening” frags.

How to become the best sniper in CS: GO

This allows you to get a numerical advantage for your team at the beginning of each round.

Economy of the game with AWP

As mentioned above, the huge cost of AWP is its disadvantage. The purchase of this rifle will cost you $ 4750. But you still have to buy yourself armor with a helmet, scatter grenades, whales and additional weapons. Especially these expenses hit the pockets of the defense players. The loss of AWP during a round seriously affects the economy of the team, forcing them to win back economic rounds, that is, rounds without purchasing serious devices.

In addition, the AWP kill only brings in $ 100, which again prevents the sniper from making a lot of money. When playing in a team, it is important to constantly communicate with teammates and make the right purchase. Awaper’s inept actions will shatter the economy of the entire team, which can lead to a loss in the match.

A pistol is a sniper’s best friend

If the enemy has driven you into a dead end, and there is no time to reload, then immediately switch to an additional weapon. In close combat, the AVP is extremely immobile, and shooting without aiming through the optics does not always allow you to accurately hit the target. Here your trusty pistol will come to your aid, especially if a wounded opponent is standing against you. In order to increase the chances of survival in this case, try to purchase non-default pistols, especially if your budget allows it. The CZ75-Auto or Desert Eagle will be an excellent purchase for your self-defense. Also, don’t forget to buy pomegranates. Smoke and incendiary grenades will allow you to retreat to your position with impunity in case of retreat and cut off the enemy’s path.

Learn from the professionals

All avapers of the professional esports scene once started their journey from scratch. And as a rule, they all learned by watching the game of eSports veterans. You can also watch the streams of famous snipers such as Sasha S1mple Kostylev, Jami Jame Ali or Kenny “kennyS” Shrab. These and other players have written their names in CS: GO history forever. Trust me, they have a lot to learn. Watch demos from their performances, notice the chips and moves that they use in their games. Each avaper has its own secrets and tactics. However, the most important and key reason for their success is intense and regular training.

Practice and follow the game of top shooters, and who knows, you may be able to repeat their success!

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