IgroMir 2016: Interview with Danny Belange, director of Watch Dogs 2

Meet Markus Holloway, the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2. The talented hacker Marcus has teamed up with the DedSec hacker group to confront a corrupt system.

This year the Russian exhibition IgroMir 2016, among other things, is the director of Watch Dogs 2 Danny Belange. While developing the second game in the Watch Dogs series, Danny kindly agreed to be interviewed by our site. Especially for you, we tried to find out from him as much as possible of what awaits players in the release version of Watch Dogs 2.


: Why is there such a big difference between the first Watch Dogs and the second?

: The answer is simple – we really wanted to make the game feel completely different. And San Francisco is where Silicon Valley is located, and we just have to talk about Internet culture in general. Therefore, it turns out that the first part is a gloomy and rainy Chicago, and the second part is a cheerful and vibrant San Francisco. The main character is no longer an old lone wolf, but a young guy who works in a team with his comrades from “DedSec”.


: Does the game remain as fun as it is featured in the various videos?

: Right. Even though the game is trying to reveal the theme of a serious struggle, the protagonists are trying to prevent and hide some troubles, conspiracies – there is always a place for fun. Again, I repeat that this is no longer gloomy Chicago. At the same time, the heroes are all different. They have different views, characters, there are both anarchists and idealists. Nevertheless, everything in the game is quite perky, bright and fun.


: Everyone would like to know a little more detail about such a colorful character as Range. Also, could you tell me where to buy the same mask?

: At the moment, the company does not plan to launch the production of such masks. However, in Brazil, cosplayers are already making such delightful masks that are not inferior to the original. As for Range, this guy loves quick and effective decisions. He is the first to seek to use violence. Loves to blow up, loves to kill. Moreover, he is high-tech in that he works with a variety of “pieces of iron”. This does not apply to some kind of social networks, but rather all sorts of printers, computers and other things. Now, if you need to detonate something quickly and efficiently, contact him about this.


: The DedSec grouping, although it presents itself as peaceful, nevertheless does not hesitate to use violence. Therefore, a logical question arises: is it possible to complete the game without using violent methods of passing?

: In fact, the game never forces the player to kill anyone or use a weapon, that is, there are no tasks in Watch Dogs where it is written in plain text that it is necessary to kill a particular person. The game simply presents a problem, and then you have to decide how to solve this problem. So if the player uses a weapon, then it is solely his choice. Moreover, our designer completed the game without firing a shot.


: Does Watch Dogs 2 have any common ground with the previous installment? For example, maybe there are some characters that are somehow connected with the events of the last part? From what can the players who played in the previous part howl with joy?

: The connection will be. The events of the second part take place after the first. In addition, in the first part, the group “DedSec” was also present. In the end, in Watch Dogs 2 there is even an old T-Bone, which acts as one of the key bridges that connects the first and second parts. Another thing is the connection of the game with the real world, because the first part is a story of revenge and revenge. So the second part will rather talk about the role of technology in people’s lives.


: Have you consulted with hackers and generally with people who create similar technologies that are represented and not represented in the game?

: Despite the fact that our team has a special person, an expert who is well versed in hacking and constantly travels to various conferences related to this area, we are still trying to create a fun and light game. And we have everything in a little compressed format. For example, you can hack everything in a more compressed form, moreover, this will not lead to any serious consequences. All for the sake of interesting and dynamic gameplay.


: What would you like Watch Dogs 2 in Russia?

: At the moment, we cannot say for sure, because now various options for additions are being looked at. But if the events took place in Russia, then we would approach this matter absolutely as seriously as any other place of action. So creating some kind of addition against the background of Russia would be a rather difficult task.


: The second part will have a lot of cooperative parts. Can you do without a cooperative? Is it possible to complete the game in splendid isolation?

Certainly. Even those missions that were created specifically for the co-op mode can still be completed without any difficulties in complete solitude. Watch Dogs 2 is versatile optionally. Because, for example, you can either configure the game for a cooperative mode, or do without it. Players can hack each other, hunt for each other if someone has done some bad deeds in exchange for a reward, and much more. However, all this can be disabled freely and without any problems.


: But won’t it turn out that in multiplayer clones of the main character will run everywhere?

: Before other players appear in the world, you can customize your appearance. That is, the players will see you as a completely different character. A kind of fake personality. Taking the appearance of another person, the player will not guess that it is actually you. Thus, it will be possible to disguise and suspect every person passing by.


: Is it possible to complete story missions in co-op mode? And how many co-op missions are there in the game?

: There are special single-player missions that are related to the story of Marcus and other players will not be able to join them. But there are also secondary tasks that can be passed without problems in a company with other players. However, there is a third type of missions, which are related to some kind of online missions, where, for example, the number of guards, awards, spawn locations, etc. are changing. Now they are already generated randomly and constantly. Again, you can go through them with friends and alone.

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