IgroMir 2016: Interview with Katsuhiro Harada, general producer of Tekken 7 project

Tekken 7 is the ninth game in one of the most famous arcade fighting games ever. will end the long confrontation between father and son – Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima.

This year the Russian exhibition “IgroMir 2016”, among other things, was visited by a Japanese producer working at Bandai Namco and presenting the game Tekken 7. Being already far from the first game in the series, Katsuhiro Harada kindly agreed to give a short interview to our site. Especially for you, we tried to find out from him as much as possible of what awaits players in the release version of Tekken 7.


: The seventh part of Tekken. I had already played it, so quite obvious questions arose, although, I think, not only for me. Where is Eddie? Where is Christie?

: So far, they are not. But since you are far from the first who asks and even asks about this, there is a certain possibility that they will appear.


: Do we understand correctly that a far from complete version of Tekken 7 is presented? After all, each time the number of characters increases. Did we get it right?

: Yes, at the moment there are exactly thirty characters in the game, but we will not stop there. However, since we do not want you to immediately open all the cards, therefore, wait, but there will not be any specific and accurate information yet.


: Based on this, another question arises. Many Tekken 7 fans are wondering whether the game will be sold in a whole “piece”, or will a bunch of different interesting DLCs “reach” it after the release? Because this has already happened in practice. What are you going to do with the game?

: We do not have much practice with regards to the release of DLC, but releasing this part, if we receive a large number of requests from fans, then, of course, we will deal with the development and release of DLC. As for paid and free, in this regard, the add-ons will be paid only for the first two months and this is the maximum, because then the game ceases to pay for itself. In addition, we are not going to create any very global things, like buying new characters, however, again, if there are numerous requests from the players, we will do whatever they want. And you shouldn’t worry that the game will come out some kind of defective. Nothing like that will happen. In no case will you have to buy characters, modes, etc. The game will be released immediately full and accessible.


: Could you briefly and in simple words tell us about what has changed in the new game after the last part?

: We tried to make Tekken 7 as accessible as possible for the player: simple and at the same time as entertaining as possible. One that would be understandable even for those players who were not completely familiar with the Tekken series before. And that was our main goal. As for the combat mechanics, here we have already added such a thing as “Rage Arts” – this is a kind of powerful blow that can be performed exclusively while in the “Rage” mode. There also appeared blows called “Rage Drive” – ​​this is a kind of a series of ordinary blows, which, again, work only in the “Rage” mode. Unlike a powerful blow, they are not punishable, because if the enemy blocks a powerful blow, then he can freely counterattack. And these are the usual and safe attacks that are available in the “Rage” mode.


: How do you enter the “Rage” mode? Tell us a little about the basic mechanics.

: The main idea of ​​this system is that when you are low on health, you start to glow red. And that’s when it’s called “Rage Move” (aka “Rage” mode). It is in it that the most powerful blow is available, well, and a series of ordinary, safe blows. If you used a powerful blow, the character leaves the mode. That is, this is a mechanic that allows you to recoup even in the event of a loss of a large amount of health. In other words, do what is called a “comeback”. The idea is that in this mode you will do a lot more damage.


: Let’s talk about the new characters. Tell us who can we see this time?

If we talk about new characters, then let’s take Katarina. She is most similar to Eddie in the older parts. In general, Tekken 7 is more like Tekken 3, where at one time there were a lot of new characters. There will be a lot of new characters this time too. One of these new characters is Katarina. It is more suitable for novice players, because you can hit, for example, alternately all with your foot.


: Katarina looks like a heroine from League of Legends. Did you just not pay attention to it? How did it happen? Accident?

: We weren’t really aware of this. Our Katarina does not wave her swords, but as I understand it, this girl has a certain resemblance to another heroine.


: You are the developers. You know everything. Give advice: how to beat your opponents?

: This will then be a general advice for all fans and everyone who wants to watch the game. The bottom line is that everyone tends to think too much about the attack. How to make combos. How to do a series of punches and so on. However, if you want to advance in virtual martial arts and mastery of your characters, then defense is the place for you. That is, pay attention to protection. How to block punches correctly. How to properly dodge and avoid enemy attacks. And thus, your training will go much faster. As a result, you will be able to perform at the proper level. On the other hand, attacking is much more fun than blocking.


: What’s your favorite character?

: Well, everyone knows that I love Heihachi. However, I prefer to play more on Feng. There is such a character, he is a certain Shaolin monk. I’ve been playing them quite often lately. I really like the style of play of this character.

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