IgroMir 2016: Interview with Luke Duchein, For Honor Brand Director

For Honor is a fast-paced, medieval third-person fighting game. The networking component will require you to show your reaction, tactical planning skills and well-coordinated teamwork. And you can feel all the rage and power both in the “skin” of a frantic Viking, and in the shining armor of a knight, or in general in the cold-blooded outfit of a samurai.

This year, the Russian exhibition “IgroMir 2016”, among other things, is the brand director of For Honor. Therefore, especially for you, we tried to find out from him as much as possible of what awaits players in the release version of For Honor.


: How do you achieve when you feel like you are really fencing, fighting other players with melee weapons?

: This happened for the reason that the art director came up with the game at a time when he himself was learning fencing, and now we are already fully working with a variety of experts in this field, fencers, actors, and all in order to convey all these feelings into For Honor.


: As we know, you are going to introduce a full-fledged single player into For Honor, which is not so often in the fashion of all this multiplayer entertainment. Why was this done?

: We originally wanted to “capture” all these players who had and still have a dream to practice fencing. Fight someone using cold weapons. Moreover, so that the game is even liked by those people who do not like to go online. People who like to fight without the presence of other players to be told the story after all. Therefore, in this way, the idea appeared to create a full-fledged campaign in which you can play for all three represented factions during the fight against some mysterious enemy.


: Based on the question regarding the single player, another question arises. So, how are you going to transfer those feelings of fencing and fighting that arise in multiplayer, but already in singleplayer? After all, the plan of action of a live player is difficult to disclose.

: In fact, we made some really complex bots. They are difficult to fight with because they analyze your behavior in the same way. In exactly the same way, they tend to change tactics of warfare. And thus, they adjust to you. This is what allows you to get a real, full-fledged experience of fencing and fighting, even in the fight against artificial intelligence. In addition, today (from 16:00 Moscow time) you can take part in the closed beta testing of For Honor.


: If in multiplayer players are formed in a balanced way, that is, one or more players are thrown up to those who will have the same ranks and skills, then how will the difficulty system work in singleplayer?

: In addition to the fact that the difficulty levels are different and the difficulty level increases with each new level / task, we brought the difficulty level to the maximum with the help of active tests. In this case, beta testers helped, who found out, for example, the moments in which the passage becomes boring, or some Boss turned out to be too easy, although it seemed difficult, and so on.


: Will there be a VR version in the game?

: Now in the game, such a version is not even considered. Maybe sometime in the future we will consider such an idea, but definitely not now. At least due to the fact that For Honor is now introducing a large number of other, more necessary and useful elements. In addition, there are many other not “run in” moments, for example, the finalization of the combat system, the animation system, and at the same time it all needs to be “run in” on all three key platforms. So now we are simply not ready for this, because we are responsible developers.


: Could you tell us a bit about For Honor’s main antagonist? After all, practically nothing is known about her at the moment.

: This is a warlord who appreciates chaos above all else and generally loves to fight, and so that it was all around her. And he believes in a world in which society is strictly divided into “wolves and sheep.” In her view, the “wolves” have the right to do whatever they want. And if the “sheep” somehow infringe upon the rights of the “wolves”, preventing them from living the way they want, accordingly, she tries to prevent this. And as you can see in the story trailer, when the faction leaders decide it’s time to end this senseless bloodshed, she fires an arrow and the chaos continues again. Because she brings war.


In the course of development, did you have people in your studio who started fencing themselves as a hobby based on the gameplay?

: I can’t say for sure. However, we had a whole group of people doing this. They continued to do this during development, even during lunches. We went to lunch and fought with each other so as not to lose this feeling and went to various festivals. It’s just that these people are literally “burning” with this game, “burning” with this idea, which is embedded in For Honor, and most importantly, they hope that players can feel it.


: Of the twelve heroes, which is your favorite? And what weapon do you like to use the most?

: My favorite character, the one shown only in the picture at Gamescom 2016, is Warlord. He fights with a shield and glyph in hand. We call him affectionately – “Daddy Bear”. And he’s pretty damn cool. The second favorite hero is Berserker. And it will be possible to play for it already in today’s beta test, which starts at 16:30 Moscow time. He, with two axes in his hands, bursts into the very midst of the enemies and begins to scatter everyone there, and he has the most brutal finishing moves. And since we put our whole soul into the project, such an unusual feeling during the battles arises.


: What characters do you think are the best for Russian players to try?

: In general, of course, it is best to start with the starting characters. Well, slowly climb the “stairs”, sort out all these characters. In general, it is better to try to play all the characters as quickly as possible, because, for example, each of the characters has its own animation and emotions. And be sure to pay attention to emotions. Each emotion is animated in its own way. In general, then you can find your character that suits your play style. So try it, you will definitely succeed.

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