IgroMir 2016 – “Look from the Inside”

So the traditional annual exhibition in Moscow called “IgroMir 2016” took place. Once again, the largest manufacturers of computer hardware, games and e-sportsmen have come together to try to interest both amateurs and professionals with their unique novelties. Have expectations and hopes been justified this year? More on this below.

IgroMir 2016 left rather mixed feelings for the team. Indeed, on the one hand, it is banally the only large Russian exhibition of video games and “practically IT” spheres. This exhibition is like a holiday where everyone can find something interesting and, possibly, new for themselves. On the other hand, this event cannot even be called an “exhibition”.

However, it is no secret that IgroMir is criticized every year on social networks. The organizers of the event are blamed for poor organization, there are regular complaints about the small number of products available for testing, and so on. And to be honest, compared to last year, everything has become much worse.

Day – 0

Bad organization at the exhibition it showed itself not even on the first day, where only VIPs and the press could get, but on the zero day, when the team had to get passes. Although at first nothing foreshadowed trouble. In general, after going to the front desk and asking the lovely girls about the passes, they handed us papers for signatures. Naturally, the signature was put immediately, in response to which the slovenly lady (who, by the way, had been busy with the passes for a long time herself) said in a rather disgusting tone: “Why did you put your signatures? Suddenly they won’t let you in! ” Moreover, it is one thing when a person does not give you documents and at the same time stands, checks the data on a computer, and it is completely different when a person gives you documents himself, after which he just starts checking people who were issued documents for signature. A logical question arises: why issue documents for signature in advance if they cannot be signed ahead of time? Having endured the rude attitude and disrespect for the editorial board, we got the passes and went home.

Day 1

Returning the next day at 10:30, we finally got to the exhibition center and went in search of the press center to start our work. Separately, it should be said for the guards at the entrance, since they completely check passports and bags so that no one is superfluous and there is nothing superfluous, and in this regard it was much more organized than with everything else. Since the press center is inclined to change its location, we went again to the registration table, but this time to find out where the press center is located. And what do you think? Neither the girls, nor the security guards, nor any other representatives of the exhibition – no one is aware of where the press center was located. Moreover, a little later we were informed that the press center was in the same place, so we went straight there: to the next building. A little later it turns out that there is no press center in the same place, and the guards, who were allowed inside the neighboring building, did not want to let them back out, because they said: “The entrance for the press will be open from 11:00.”

We would, of course, understand everything if only everyone was not allowed through the central entrance to IgroMir! What nonsense is this? How can you work like that? What is the meaning of this entrance when it opens later than the central one? It was even incomprehensible why everyone else sat at the tables and humbly waited for them to be allowed inside at 11:00. However, our employee was not taken aback, made a small circle and entered back through the main entrance, and he was at the exhibitions much earlier than those who humbly waited for 11:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Half an hour flew away to nowhere. After all, at such an event, every 10 minutes is a road, especially on the first day.

Note that the press center was never found. I will not describe the whole journey, I will just say the following – it was found completely by accident (only thanks to the guard at the entrance and the chairs inside). Going inside, it turned out that the press center is a kind of “closet”. In this “little room” it was impossible to decompose and work normally. I will say more – sometimes there weren’t even enough chairs to sit down to eat, drink water, and so on (not to mention tables). Considering that a huge bunch of people come every year, giving a room for a 2×2 press center is something fantastic. However, this is not all.

Struck by the clothes hangers. More precisely, their number, because at the end of the day people had to put things just on top, that is, it turned out such a kind of heap of things. Let’s get ahead of myself: it’s amazing how the employees of the exhibition center nevertheless thought of putting clothes hangers closer to the walls, and not leaving them in the middle. But even then, the organization never ceased to amaze. For example, at a table with food and drink, they put a boy who was asked: “When will there be water? When will you bring me some food? ” Literally lost. And really, what was the answer to him? Putting a young guy to take the rap for all the staff and organizers is original.

Well, okay already with food and water. I was amazed how the representatives of the press and other “important” people left trash after themselves in the press center. And no one followed this. The most elementary thing is that they did not even hang any signs for especially gifted people. Each visit to the press center is a visit to some pigsty, where half of the “room” was occupied by “PhotoHedgehogs” (which, by the way, were provided with literally everything), and the other half of the half was already occupied by a cute sofa, on which the representatives were already another organization. However, which also did not bring so much benefit. Question: how to cover the event and just work? Wherever the press tried to squeeze in … Taking things off the hanger is a real challenge.

A couple of hours later, garbage began to accumulate throughout the exhibition – just a heap of garbage. Quite an unpleasant picture, considering where we got to. Now I got the impression that after leaving the pigsty (press center), we ended up in some kind of zoo (main halls). Although, even in the zoo, there are various urns everywhere, and the guards are more careful to keep order.

Children were especially indifferent. Not only did they go and carry garbage (after all, since there was no trash can nearby, be kind, find it), so also the arrogance of this generation simply knew no bounds. For example, the most terribly annoying thing was how we create a small area for pictures of cosplayers and right there, 2-3 school-age guys run in front of the camera with the words: “Oo-oo-oo-oo-s-s.” Moreover, the impudence reached such a limit when you vacate a site somewhere near the wall, so as not to interfere with the “flow of people”, so these children, so as not to move with the rest of the people in the “stream”, take it and impudently walk past the cameras. And why? Because children are lazy and do not want to stand in line for an extra 30 seconds in order to calmly pass and not interfere with work. In fact, last year they did not encounter such a thing, because everything was somehow more civilized.


The cosplayers should also be mentioned separately, as they have become too important and busy. Now we are not talking for everyone, but quite a lot of people are described. The bottom line is that sometimes you come up to a person, and he takes from you and leaves with the words: “I’m busy.” Lest you think, supposedly this is an isolated case, supposedly they needed to go to the toilet, eat, this happened to many and several times. I personally remember one person who turned down the “” team three times in a row and always walked there somewhere, dreamed of something. Another logical question arises: why do such people come? We, of course, understand everything, we are people too, but no one expected such a turn of events. It was quite a shame that people did this.

By the way, there were very few cosplayers this year. Especially high quality. Of course, there were girls with beautiful shapes, but there were quite a few of them, although with their appearance they could literally “knock down” half of the hall. However, decent cosplay was not enough.


IgroMir 2016 clearly falls short of last year’s exhibition. Without a doubt, there are interesting gaming news, there is interesting hardware, there are all sorts of exciting contests and much more. However, only new products and virtual reality glasses can attract your attention. I would like to hope that IgroMir will stop decreasing every year and, on the contrary, will begin to expand. To defend the exhibition is, at least, stupid for the reason that the organizers’ goal was not to announce new games and entertainment, but to maximize their profits, despite the fact that the quality begins to decline from year to year. However, all this was evident from the organization. More precisely, by its absence. No working conditions. Huge, but very few booths. There are no less huge queues, especially on ordinary days. And given that IgroMir 2016 was not a success, then you shouldn’t regret the trip. Below is a complete material on individual games from the exhibition, which will help you get acquainted with the exhibition without observing all the horror that we were able to see. The most interesting games from the exhibition are described there. But as for the rest of the days – it makes no sense to describe them, because on the other days everything was exactly the same.

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