In CS: GO it may be possible to drop your own grenades

The CS: GO press service published intriguing messages on Instagram and Twitter, in which the developers hinted at adding the ability to drop their own grenades into the game.

“Imagine a world where pressing G allows you to drop your grenades,” reads one of the stories.

Currently, you can only drop grenades to transfer them to teammates in the Danger Zone mode. Fans of the game were enthusiastic about the potential innovation, but there were also conservatives who believe that the ability to drop grenades is not necessary.

One way or another, while CS: GO tournaments are held without any innovations. These days Kiev is hosting the first season of the WePlay Academy League, in which eight youth teams (at least four players are between 16 and 20 years old) compete for a prize pool of $ 100,000. In one of the most interesting group stage confrontations fnatic Rising and NAVI Junior will fight. Experts consider the Ukrainian team to be the favorite of the match – if download PM for Android or Ayos, you can bet on her victory with a coefficient of 1.6, which corresponds to a probability of 63%, while a coefficient of 2.27 is given on Victoria of the Swedes (a probability of 44%). The teams after 11 matches take the fourth and fifth places with 18 points each. Their face-to-face meeting will take place on August 31st.

The leaderboard of the tournament is mouz NXT, who has won eight victories and lost three times with 24 points. The next rival of the European team will be the aforementioned NAVI Junior. And here the favorites, which is quite logical, are the leaders of the table. Registration in the personal account of BK PariMatch will allow you to bet on the triumph of mouz NXT with the odds of 1.48, which corresponds to the probability of 68%, on the victory of the Ukrainians – 2.57 (the probability of 39%).

According to the results of the group round, only the last team will complete their performance at WePlay Academy League Season 1. The clubs that took from the fourth to the seventh places will get into the play-in, and the first three teams will immediately go to the LAN.

WePlay Academy League Season 1 will end on August 29.

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