League of Legends in 2018 – summing up the results of the year

For 2018 in League of Legends game many interesting events happened: the addition of new champions and revisions of old ones, tournaments, scandals and more.

New Champions and Reworks

In 2018, Riot Games revamped the likes of Nunu, Swain, Aatrox and Irelia. Abilities, appearance and mechanics have been changed. Thus, the developers gave these champions a second life, restored their popularity and made the game even more interesting.

New Champions have also been added: Kai’sa, Pike and Niko. They have interesting mechanics, and from the first days a lot of players fell in love with them.

Players faced a slight imbalance, however, operational patches corrected the situation, and new champions easily poured into the Summoner’s Rift.



The development team decided to hold a presentation at PAX West 2018 for girls and gay minorities only. It was decided not to let the men into this event.

The male part of the computer community was strongly outraged by this decision. Many threatened to delete the game, and developer comments on Reddit were bombarded with cons.

The story did not end there. Daniel Klein and Matthias Lehmann tried to protect their company online. They created special threads where it was supposed to change the opinion of the community, but everything went wrong. Daniel lost his temper and started sending users, calling them toxic, and later he seriously offended the entire male community.

Player complaints reached Riot Games and the unlucky employees were fired. Later, Daniel Klein said that he admits his mistake and regrets that he will no longer work for this company.

Sexism again?

Two employees of the Riot Games company accused the developers of sexism. They filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that their rights were being infringed on because they were women. Jessica Negron and Melanie McCracken argue that they are deliberately underpaid, hindered from career advancement and discriminated against.

The girls are waiting for a court decision and compensation, and the gaming community has already come up with many “evil” jokes on this topic.

Punishment for unsportsmanlike conduct

Danil Diamondprox Reshetnikov, a Gambit Esports player, was punished for inappropriate behavior. At the end of one of the matches, he insulted his teammates because they showed too bad a game.

He played a match with regular players using a training account, but that did not stop Riot Games from stripping Danil’s account of the esports privileges.

The situation caused a heated discussion in the ru-community. Some sided with the company, while others consider the punishment of the player unfair.


The eighth season pleasantly pleased the players with various interesting records.

Spectators and views

At the Mid-Season Invitational 2018, a world record was set for the number of viewers among all esports broadcasts. 100 million people followed the events of the tournament, and the overwhelming majority of the spectators were Chinese.

“POP / STARS” by K / DA (a fictional League of Legends group) has over 240 million views in its first month. Many real pop artists cannot boast of such numbers. The composition was very popular with fans, and the sites associated with the game League of Legends led to reports about it.

World Cup 2018

144 players from more than 30 countries took part in the championship. His prize pool totaled $ 6.45 million, a new record.

Less significant is the unprecedented variety of champions. The championship used 90 different champions, which was not the case in any previous year.

Interesting game events

In December, Riot Games decided to bring back the Game of the Stars event held in Las Vegas. This event includes 1v1, 2v2 tournaments, special game modes and games between regions.

The event was remembered by many players, because the participants in the games were chosen by the community voting.

Riot Games delighted players with a wide variety of events. At the beginning of the year, the Valentine’s Day event and the Battle of the Fans event took place.

In the summer, Ryota launched Frenzied Drying, thanks to which players were able to receive chests and keys for completing tasks.

“NuumAlimye” is a truly unusual event. Players completed a variety of missions and received rewards. A special feature was the ability to influence the development of the plot of the entire event, using the voices earned in missions.

The Back to School event was especially interesting for the younger generation. Players began to massively invite their school friends to the game and complete tasks, which allowed them to earn points and exchange them for chests and keys.

“Hot December” was the culmination of the year. It has collected many interesting events: a new champion – Niko, Snowfall, Wheel of Fortune, University Cup and New Year’s “Highlights”.

World Cup 2018 in League of Legends

The 2018 World Cup is recognized as the most interesting event of the year. Firstly, finally, Europe was able to achieve really good results. Secondly, the champions were not Koreans, but the Chinese.

Invictus Gaming defeated Fnatic with a score of 3: 0 and became the winner of the championship. This was expected, everything went in line with the forecasts. Imagine teams such as Fnatic, Cloud9 and G2 Esports made it to the semifinals.

What was the surprise? Team Vitality – a team of European newcomers got into group B. The same group included RNGs – clear favorites, MSI champions. But the incredible happened, Team Vitality managed to beat RNG in the very first game. Unfortunately, the team failed to reach the playoffs, because they lost to Cloud9. There was also a struggle in group A. The European team G2, inspired by the success story of Team Vitality, beat two favorites – Flash Wolves and Afreeca.

The events piqued the interest of viewers to the tournament and the playoffs gathered a record number of them. In the quarter-finals, Korea lost the opportunity to become the winner of the tournament again. KT lost to Chinese team Invictus Gaming after a tense struggle, while Afreeca lost to Cloud9.

You already know the end. This tournament showed that European teams are able to withstand the east, it allowed them to reveal their full potential. Almost the entire east fell. The quarter-finals games were very interesting. For example, in a G2 vs RNG match, Perkz did amazing things. Thanks to him, the team was able to win the final game and make the score 3: 2 in their favor. Perkz literally shone throughout the match, performing unimaginable maneuvers and kills.


2018 was full of interesting events and records. Every month, the activity of the League of Legends gaming community increased, and in November it reached its peak. More than once they will discuss the World Cup and marvel at the exploits of European teams.

League of Legends players have remembered this year and hope that the next will be the same.

Based on materials from the EGW portal

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