Mass Effect 4 – “New Hope” or what to expect from the game?

In a world ruled by role-playing games, sci-fi networking is, if not endangered, then very rare. Proceeding from this, they are trying to talk about this very carefully, because the genre is very unfamiliar.

But this certainly does not apply to the series about the legendary adventure of the brave Captain Shepard from Mass Effect. Let’s remember back in 2007, when Mass Effect burst into the video game market with fury, immediately after the no less legendary Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic broke into it (and it all belonged to the same studio ). In general, after such a breakthrough, the game becomes one of the coolest RPGs related to the space theme. Naturally, the game set its entry threshold high. And there is nothing to be surprised at, because the guys from BioWare at that time were the only representatives of the RPG genre.

As for the next parts of Mass Effect, we can safely say that they still took the bar. Of course, everyone can argue about what the game lost and what it gained in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, but it should be borne in mind that BioWare has always had a strong point in what they knew how to do in detail, just to the smallest detail. , elaborate worlds, plots and universes! It’s just no exaggeration here: the scriptwriters of the game have always tried to keep a special level of intensity of passions, which, if you remember, lasted until the very third – the final part. Yes, they probably “merged” the ending of the game a little, but even in this regard, differences may arise, but now we are not talking about that.

Mass Effect 4 was not even officially announced, but the guys from BioWare are even now subtly hinting that it may be released in a year or two, since the release of the sensational Dragon Age: Inquisition (which just created a “brain explosion” among fans of the series). In general, the gaming community is now in full swing trying to build the course of future events, various theories about the future release of the sequel, and much more. And BioWare themselves don’t just look at it, they gradually throw off any information that relates to the game. Based on the Dragon Age: Inquisition game, there will probably not be a “4” in Mass Effect. BioWare will probably put in some interesting word there. Let’s now take a closer look at what awaits players in the legendary sequel.

First of all, let’s talk about who is “at the helm” now. The development of the game is carried out by people who at one time were engaged in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. According to the idea, this should have reassured (that the series will not go into oblivion), but there is a fly in the ointment in every barrel of honey.

Let’s remember that a man like Casey Hudson left BioWare (who doesn’t know – the producer of the Mass Effect series and the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic). Nobody knows the exact reasons for this person’s departure, but there is such a rumor in the gaming audience that the whole point is that BioWare is gradually becoming a manual conveyor for Electronic Arts. You may have noticed the changes in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In addition, quite recently it became known that an equally talented and well-known author is working on the new Mass Effect. Basically, this person is Chris Schlerf (Halo 4 script writer). It is up to you to judge whether it is good or bad. It remains only to say about this that in terms of an epic, Halo definitely does not lack, and if you add to all this the (promised) scale of action in Mass Effect 4, then it will most likely turn out to be something mega-epic!

Until now, the developers of the game do not report much, so all the information that concerns the game has to be collected just bit by bit. If you turn your attention to the scrappy commentary by a game designer named Jos Hendrigs, you can understand that the focus is on planetary exploration. The old woman “Mako” will be returned to the game again (although this is most likely not news for a long time), but most likely her favorite toy – a cannon – will be taken away from her. In addition, the game developers promise a new, improved version of the legendary Citadel! There is a possibility that Mass Effect 4 will now have complete freedom of action – that is, freely fly through outer space (Jos Hendrig especially admired outer space).

As they promise, you will have to explore not only planets and systems, but also various features of different races. The research emphasis is also confirmed by a tweet from a man named Chris Vin (senior director of game development) – “I’m copying the latest Mass Effect build to my computer to play. Windows says it will take “about one day“. In general, based on the comment, you will need to buy yourself a very powerful hardware, because the game space will be very extensive!

If you believe the words of a certain Shinobi602, then players will find “an amazing number of planets available for exploration.” At the same time, the guys from BioWare convince that no one will be forced to study the planets. Here you can clearly see the similarities with the recently released Dragon Age: Inquisition, where players were presented with a playful number of hours of gameplay, where they were allowed to go through the storyline of the game without using all the locations in the game. In addition, Shinobi602 claims that the legendary sequel will not serve as a prequel to the ended Mass Effect trilogy (as it was said at the very beginning). Listening to the requests of the players, the developers nevertheless finished and left the story about Captain Shepard and began to start a new story, which will have its own unique storyline. Judging again by Dragon Age, but mainly the storyline and its interweaving, then the developers can create their own unique and inimitable story for Mass Effect, which can catch everyone.

Summing up this article, after carefully analyzing and collecting “grains” of information, we can say that the development of the game Mass Effect 4 will be in many ways similar to its sister series Dragon Age. Perhaps the game will finally have a free world, a free opportunity to explore, new and large territories that will not intertwine with the storyline, but retain the same epic swing. Hopefully Mass Effect 4 will keep the tradition of the series, but also new details. Based on Dragon Age: Inquisition, we can safely say that BioWare will release a decent game that will make the same “brain explosion”.

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