Minecraft PE – what is the secret of success?

Minecraft PE is a game that has won the hearts of thousands of players. What is her secret? In this article, we will try to figure out why it is so popular.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition for handheld devices has long overtaken the PC version in terms of the number of purchases. The rapid growth of the audience, the constant updating of the game are only part of what you can love this game for. The developers are constantly improving the popular sandbox to capture the hearts of players. What makes a seemingly simple game stand out?

The player can do anything: build a dream house, create a farm, hunt animals, get all in-game achievements, kill the neighbor opposite. Fantasy alone limits you in the endless world of Minecraft. Don’t believe me? Recently, the news flew all over the Internet that a 14-year-old schoolboy had recreated the city of Krasnodar in a game. This cannot fail to impress.

The constant work of Mojang on the development of the game is a separate topic that can be discussed for a very long time. Global updates appear more and more often. For example, in the latest Minecraft update, foxes were added, which have their own unique behavior mechanics. Game hunting, daytime nap, breeding and many other features. We will not list all the innovations, because it will take too much time.

If you are not satisfied with some aspect of the game, you can always use mods: change the mechanics of the game, add something new, change the functionality, all this can be done without any problems using a mod or addon from open sources on the Internet. In addition, you can not pay for the game and install it completely free of charge by downloading from a special site, for example from… Hacked versions of the game with unlocked authorization in Xbox Live and unlocked paid skin packs are published here. No differences from the official purchased version, full access to the official servers.

By the way, about servers. Server is a platform for an online game that you can find or create your own. Fortunately, you can find a lot of documentation on this topic on the Internet. A smoothly tuned network game on servers will allow you to get the most out of the game with your friends.

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