Must have for music lovers: presented bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-X11

The miniature portable speaker Sony SRS-X11 will be the best companion for active music lovers. This model boasts an interesting design, wide functionality, long-lasting battery and surprisingly high-quality sound.

Compact portable speakers let you enjoy your favorite music wherever you are: on the beach or on a bike ride, at a party with friends or on a hike. It is not surprising that the segment of portable acoustics has been rapidly developing lately. The recognized leaders in this category are JBL, Supra, Beats and, of course, Sony. We bring to your attention a review of the Sony SRS-X11 – one of the most demanded bluetooth speakers on the E-Katalog portal.


Let’s start with one of the main aspects – cost. As of July 2016, the price of Sony SRS-X11 in online stores in Russia ranges from 4,000 to 4,900 rubles. (data provided by the electronic catalog of prices For a good bluetooth speaker, this is not so much: for comparison, the most popular model in the E-Katalog, JBL Charge 2, will cost at least 7,000 rubles.


The portable speaker system SRS-X11 has the shape of a cube with a side length of 6 cm. The miniature cube weighs only 215 g. The speaker is made of high-quality matte plastic – no fingerprints remain on the body of the device. The speakers are protected from damage by a sturdy metal grill.

On the upper side are the volume controls (+ and -), the power keys and the answer to an incoming call. On the back there is a micro USB port, a headphone jack, a reset button and an Add key to add another speaker. Finally, on the side edge there are light indicators that signal Bluetooth operation, charge level and what channel the speaker is playing in BT Speaker Add mode.

A convenient and durable rubber strap is supplied with the bluetooth speaker, which allows you to hang it while walking on your hand or, for example, on the handlebars of a bicycle. The customer can choose between four color options: white, black, red and blue.

Features and Capabilities

Sony engineers have equipped the SRS-X11 with an integrated microphone with noise filtering. With it, you can answer calls and make telephone conversations without touching your smartphone. The interlocutor’s speech is reproduced loudly and clearly, there are no complaints from users on this part.

Support for NFC technology will eliminate the need to rummage through the settings of the smartphone and waste time connecting it to the speaker system. It is enough to bring the gadget to the speaker case for a few seconds – and the connection between the devices will be established.

Using the BT Speaker Add function, a pair of SRS-X11 speakers can be made a single sound system: the signal from the smartphone will be received by both devices at the same time. You can select the desired playback mode – dual mono or stereo. When stereo mode is activated, an indicator on the speaker lights up, indicating which channel it is playing: right or left.


The SRS-X11 delivers excellent sound quality for a speaker of this size. The 45mm 10W speaker delivers spacious, soft and balanced sound, even the bass can be heard clearly. The frequency range declared by the manufacturer is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Even at maximum playback volume, there is no interference or distortion.

Battery life

The high capacity built-in lithium-ion battery allows the SRS-X11 portable speaker to operate on a single charge for up to 12 hours. An excellent indicator for such a miniature device! You can fully charge the speaker battery in just over 2 hours.

If even 12 hours of battery life is not enough for you, external batteries connected via a micro USB connector will help to increase the time. The most powerful portable batteries have enough resources to fully charge the SRS-X11 8-10 times in a row. You can compare the characteristics and prices of these devices in online stores using the E-Katalog.

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