Need a flash drive? Save up to 50% on any model!

A flash drive is a convenient compact device that allows you to always have the necessary documents, books, music, films with you. Capacious stylish devices can be bought at a discount – the E-catalog website for finding the best prices will help.

What are the flash drives?

It is not easy to choose from several hundred models of compact 32 GB drives presented in the catalog To make the right choice, find out how different flash drives differ from each other:

Capacity. It ranges from 4GB to 256GB and even up to 1TB. 32GB is the most popular storage capacity, with an ideal value for money.

By weight. Most of the devices do not weigh more than 30 grams. A lighter flash drive can even be worn on a keychain or around your neck.

Opportunities. Modern flash drives can connect to the network via Wi-Fi, read fingerprints, and support OTG.

Service life. The most powerful models can last up to 100 years, but the average life of the device is about 10 years.

Compatibility. Modern drives support all popular OS and BIOS ROMs, work not only with PCs and laptops, but also with smartphones.

Reading and writing speed. If you work with ordinary office documents, you don’t need to think about these parameters. But if you need to transfer or open a “weighty” video or graphic file, choose the highest speed.

Design. Usually, flash drive cases are plastic or metal, made in neutral colors. However, you can buy a model covered in leather or with a wooden case. For fans of originality, devices are sold in the form of funny figures, for glamorous fashionistas – bright ones, studded with rhinestones.

The 32-gigabyte drive is on the verge between the so-called business card flash drives (for business needs) and medium-sized models. It will fit music, films and documents.

How to buy a USB flash drive?

Do you want to buy any product profitably? A smart search engine will present you with the perfect product 2-3 seconds after the request. With the help of the service for selecting the best prices, you can:

  • find a suitable flash drive by model name or properties;
  • study reviews, specifications, instructions, photos and videos in the product card;
  • compare several flash drives with one click in the online table;
  • view a list of alternative offers;
  • choose the most advantageous offer in terms of price and delivery.

The cost of the same flash drive from different sellers can differ by an impressive amount – up to 50%. And delivery is free, or you can buy a drive in a store located in your city.

What is not on the E-catalog:

  • advertisements and mailings;
  • outdated prices;
  • unverified information;
  • commissions and other extraneous payments. is the best specialist in comfortable and profitable online shopping!

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