New DOOM – Is It Worth Playing?

In fact, few people liked the multiplayer part of the brand new DOOM, and generally caused quite conflicting feelings. However, this was preliminary beta testing, which means that only the network part was shown. She could not show yet a huge share of the possibilities of the game. But the whole charm of DOOM lies precisely in the single part, which was generally not shown to the public. However, representatives of are already familiar with a single company. Therefore, there are several reasons why you need to play the new DOOM and why the game is still worth buying.

Reason one – Classic is back

Time is constantly moving forward, and in the meantime, whole generations are replaced. Therefore, there are not so many people in the world who still like the third part of DOOM the most. After all, the first two parts came out long before the fans of the third part were born. That is why it is most difficult for them to accept that now dozens of monsters are moving towards the main character, they no longer hide in the corners of the Martian base and there is a total meat grinder. It was even said that it was supposedly not DOOM anymore, but Sirius Sam.

But if you plunge into the depths of events, then at the time when Sirius Sam was just announced, DOOM was already well known. Moreover, they even talked about “Sam” that “Doom” is supposed to be returning. The fact is that the first two parts were just such “meaty” ones. When the hero was alone and confronted the whole army. And you could do whatever you wanted, as long as the hero survived. The plot, in turn, could fit in one regular readme file. And somewhere in the same place lurked action. In the first two parts, it was simply necessary to flee and mindlessly destroy everything.

However, the new DOOM will not do without this action game, but also without a plot. Yes, no one else will see that very dark darkness from the third part, where for the most part a flashlight helped, and scrimmers mostly scared. However, various holograms, audio recordings, etc. remain. If he is attentive to everything, then it will be possible to learn absolutely the entire history of the Martian base. However, everyone chooses for himself what he likes best. The other can just run by.

Reason Two – Violence Level – Ultra

This is what many wanted. Many wanted the brand new DOOM to be able to tear the monster to shreds. Many wanted to litter the roads with a bunch of corpses, make minced meat and scatter bits of enemies throughout the location. In fact, the series of this game cannot do without pretty ultra violence. And this is a very important detail. For example, in Duma, just like Mortal Kombat, blood, meat, and so on, plays its own special brutal role. So if you remove this detail, then you will not get all the pleasure from the game.

However, the most important difference between the fourth part and the third is that now even the corpses will no longer burn to ashes after their death. In addition, when killing monsters, you will physically feel how you blow off his head, break his jaw and tear off his limbs. So brutal murders are another beauty of the game.

Reason three – Old monsters – new opportunities

Every fan of the series knows the game bestiary by heart. Who is there only: zombies, hellish knights, cyber demons, “kicks” and many others. The developers did not introduce new monsters because they decided to do a good job and rework the old ones. So if you are at least three times a veteran of the series, pleasant innovations await you anyway.

For example, revenants will now not only shoot missiles, but will also have a jetpack along with a launch complex. And mancubs now have flamethrowers and are able to jump from ledge to ledge. It seems to be a clumsy soul, and the distance will be shortened almost instantly. The skin of the “pinky” has become thicker, so now you cannot kill them quickly, you have to constantly run and confuse the enemy. So, no matter how well you know the “cute” face, it will still surprise you very much.

Reason four – Weapons

Carefulness has always been inherent in the DOOM series, as weapons are always fired as if they were real. It always seemed that you were not sitting at the keyboard, but literally in your hands you were holding that very chainsaw and that very six-barreled machine gun. So the feeling that you have a cool gun in your hands – the developers convey it to the fullest.

And what’s more interesting – there are now improvements to the game. With these upgrades, the cannons will become cooler. For example, an assault rifle can now be equipped with a salvo of six missiles. And if you pick up a shotgun, you can make it more explosive. And that’s not to mention the rocket launcher, to which you can attach an upgrade that allows you to detonate projectiles right in the air. In other words, even if the rocket misses, then the shock wave exploded in the air will definitely catch someone.

Reason Five – Old Lady Chainsaw and “BFG”

Separately, it is worth mentioning these two weapons, because they have literally become the symbols of the series! But it’s still worth starting with “BFG”, because it is not just a weapon of retaliation, but also a kind of lifesaver. This weapon can erase absolutely everything from the face of Mars. The embodiment and implementation of this weapon is, of course, different, but the essence does not change. Once it was a spherical energy clot that created terrifying rays of death around itself. Somewhere it was just a green flash, which killed hundreds of monsters. In the third part, this weapon was presented in the form of a charge, which annihilated all oncoming obstacles.

However, all the power of this weapon lies precisely in the name. The official and Russian decoding sounds something like this: “Big exploding cannon”. And although in the film he had a different name, the essence of this did not change – power lies in it. But as for the old woman of the chainsaw – they tried to portray her in many games, but she will show all her brutality only in the new DOOM.

Reason Six – Card Structure

Linear levels are clearly not about the new DOOM. Now each location is a well-thought-out and unique arena for battles. Moreover, it is very complex, having many floors and not designed to have to constantly run along the same corridors. Now you have to come up with routes for yourself. We’ll have to take into account not only the horizontal plane there, but also the vertical, because some types of monsters are able to fly, and the lion’s share of monsters jumps well!

And even if the game will no longer have everyone’s familiar “bouncing”, but for that, a double jump came to replace it, which allows you to change the trajectory of movement, flying in the air and climbing huge heights. And standing on top of the monsters is much better to shoot, especially when they start stupidly running from the missiles flying at them.

Reason Seven – Secrets

Nevertheless, the maps are distinguished not only by their spaciousness, but also by the peculiarities of their structure: there are a lot of caches scattered around the locations. And most importantly, there are many of them. Not one hiding place or even two. The developers did everything so well that any topographer would be lost in all this. Neither a compass nor a marker nor any distance counter will help here. By the way, the door you need for advancement is always marked with bright lighting, so you can always stay on the level and wander around.

So, if you step a little to the side to search carefully and search every corner, then you can find many useful and interesting things: collectibles, various amplifiers, bonuses, cartridges and much more! In addition, there were some Easter eggs, so be careful, because research is one of the main details of the game.

Reason Eight – Variety

The passage of the new DOOM will be varied. Each level is a completely different game. Each level differs in that somewhere you need to be extremely accurate, and somewhere try to dodge more. And that’s not to mention the difficulty levels, where you can just run, or you can break through with real zeal for life. And for those who really miss the difficulties: after completing the game at the highest level, you can open a secret one!

The new DOOM really evokes the desire and desire to complete the level perfectly. And here there is no place for some kind of plan or thinking about your actions: if you jump, then you start up a charge of buckshot; if you fall or turn, then only into the crowd of monsters. And most importantly, if you stop, you will soon die. There is plenty of action and variety here.

Reason nine – Map Editor

Another powerful thing about the new DOOM is a cool tool called SnapMap. So it allows you to build levels from ordinary pieces, which can then be embedded in the levels. The beta test had turret-style levels that were a lot of fun. Moreover, in just three clicks, you can generally create a level for cooperative passage.

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