Note to gamers: 5 most popular backlit gaming keyboards named

For a professional gamer or just a lover of computer games, a keyboard is something akin to a weapon for a hunter. It’s hard to imagine a full-fledged gaming computer without it. One of the important criteria for choosing a gaming keyboard is the presence of backlighting. The backlight improves the comfort level of using the PC, and also has a positive effect on the gaming atmosphere in general.

Experts analyzed the preferences of modern consumers and compiled the TOP of the most popular gaming keyboards equipped with a backlight system. The ranking includes both budget and expensive models that are in demand among gamers.

5 most popular models

Alloy FPS RGB Silver Speed

A mid-range model from HyperX designed for desktop gaming computers. It belongs to the category of wired membrane keyboards, has a compact size and can be used even on a small desktop. Equipped with a 5-level dimmable backlighting system, on-board memory, USB charging port and a high quality 180cm cable. Backlit gaming keyboard for sale here

MSI Vigor GK40 RU

Another mid-priced keyboard that, in addition to functionality, also boasts an attractive appearance. The original form factor of the model looks great against the background of other accessories and components for the PC.

The membrane keyboard belongs to the group of protected ones, therefore it is not afraid of dust and moisture getting inside.

You can control the backlight that this model is equipped with using a special application from the manufacturer.

Orbweaver Elite CHROMA

The original mini keypad for true geeks from the Razer trademark. It has thirty “smart” keys in total, so it is perfect for fans of modern games. Connects to PC via USB interface. The ease of movement of the buttons provides a high speed of response of the keyboard to user actions.


Durable and “powerful” membrane model, based on a steel plate. The keyboard from AsusTek is not afraid of moisture thanks to the built-in drainage system, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process and prevents the accumulation of accidentally spilled liquid inside. Equipped with customizable lighting that can be deactivated if desired.

2E Ares KG 108 USB Black

A budget wired solution for gamers. It has standard dimensions, so it will definitely appeal to lovers of classic solutions. Equipped with 4-mode backlight with intensity adjustment function.

Playing on a PC with a good keyboard is a real pleasure. To be convinced of this, it is enough to acquire one of the “people’s favorites” presented in this TOP.

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