OGA Dota PIT Invitational: tournament guide

On September 6, the second major tournament starts during the break before The International 10 – OGA Dota PIT Invitational. From the name it is clear that invited teams get to this tournament, and the organizers tried to collect the best clubs in the world at their championship. What teams are invited? Who is the main favorite? You will learn about this in this article. And on this site you can do Dota bets…

Tournament format

8 invited teams make it to the upper bracket of the playoffs, there is no group stage. All matches are played in the BO3 format (up to two wins), except for the final, which will be played in the BO5 format (up to three wins). The team that lost two matches is eliminated from the tournament. The prize fund is $ 275 thousand, the winner will receive $ 114,500. The tournament is not organized by Valve and has nothing to do with the DPC cycle.

Command List

Now you can talk about the teams that will compete for the prize pool.


One of the favorites of the tournament. The Chinese giants are playing with a substitution, but this does not mean that they will not be able to show the result. In this tournament, just like in ESL One Fall, the coach of team xiao8 will replace the mid lane of the NothingToSay team. The player was unable to leave his home country due to Covid-19. However, even this change did not prevent the Chinese team from reaching the final of the last major tournament, which speaks of their level of play. From “PSG.LGD” one can expect, if not a victory, then at least a second place in the tournament.


The Southeast Asian team has been doing well in the regular season, but T1s are currently on the decline, which shows their result in the last tournament. At ESL One Fall, they took fourth place, but we must not forget that they were very lucky with their rivals. Their level of play is much lower than that of most teams in the professional scene at the moment, but this does not mean that the “T1” will not be able to compete. If they prepare well for this tournament, the Southeast Asian team can be expected to go far.


Another squad from Southeast Asia, the results of which are difficult to judge as they have not performed at international tournaments for a long time. However, it cannot be said for sure that they have a chance of winning this championship. In the regular season, they showed nothing extraordinary and never made it to the Major.

SG esports.

The main outsider of the tournament. The Brazilian team has played at an international tournament once in the entire last year. And their result at that championship cannot be called successful as they did not even leave the group. Most likely, the Brazilians will be eliminated from the tournament without winning a single series.

“Thunder Predator”.

Extremely unstable Peruvian team. Thunder Predators can be knocked out quickly or advance to the Grand Finals of a tournament, and their outcome is very difficult to predict. It remains only to watch and wait for the Peruvians to surprise the audience this time.

“Team Spirit”.

The only CIS team at this tournament. “Team Spirit” is currently one of the strongest teams in the region, and they could have easily finished fourth at the last ESL One Fall, but unlike “T1”, they had no luck with their opponents in the playoffs. From the “dragons” you can expect a strong average result in the face of 3-4th place.

Tundra Esports.

The main favorite of this championship. Tundra Esports won the last major tournament, triumphantly up the upper bracket to the Grand Final, where they had to sweat. This team can be expected to at least qualify for the Grand Final.

Team Undying.

The main “dark horse” of this tournament. This team has never played in international tournaments this season, so it’s not clear what to expect from Americans outside their home region. Of course, they are most likely not going to go far, but Team Undying can definitely surprise.

The tournament will take place from September 6th to 10th.

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