Overwatch vs Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – where is the best investment?

No one will argue with the fact that nowadays e-sports is developing by leaps and bounds. And this is not at all surprising, especially considering the fact that there is a coronavirus pandemic in the yard, which chained people to their own homes. That is why sites such as GG.BET, give the opportunity for esports disciplines to come to the fore and, possibly, overshadow even traditional sports in the future.

Overwatch: a shared esports canvas

A dynamic, colorful, with significant gameplay variability, the game, released in 2016, has and still demonstrates very significant potential. A bunch of characters, each with a very specific playstyle, a variety of different skills and a distinct shooting style – that’s the main feature that made Overwatch so potentially successful in the minds and hearts of gamers and esports fans.

However, unfortunately, due to the rather high threshold for entering a full-fledged, professional-level, gameplay, as well as due to Blizzard’s specific attitude to organizing tournaments, it remained the lot of relatively few professional players. Nevertheless, on the same Twitch, on average, this discipline is no less popular than traditional games, for example, the already familiar CS: GO, as well as Call of Duty.

To date, Blizzard has planned the release of the second part of this franchise, which should initially be gameplay related to the first part, but will have a significantly expanded part focused on one player. All that remains is to wait and see how Blizzard behaves with its new brainchild and does not repeat the previous mistakes again.

Counter Strike: general esports canvas

For more than 20 years of the existence of this franchise, it has managed to form an incredibly large and, most importantly, friendly community around itself. Moreover, this applies not only to professional players, but also to ordinary, ordinary gamers. This community is eager to attend all the events and tournaments, and is also happy to invest in the development of their beloved franchise.

It is important to understand that the total number of GS: GO tournaments in existence today significantly exceeds the number of championships held by Overwatch. At the same time, sometimes it happens that even relatively small battles of professional players in terms of their size and initial winning fund, can potentially attract incredible dividends, trite at the expense of bets, as well as through crowdfunding.

Unfortunately, and for completely incomprehensible reasons, Gabe Newell and his company do not pay enough attention to their old brainchild. The only thing that Valve really actively and successfully cultivates in relation to this project is various kinds of cosmetic changes in the character of skins for weapons, as well as the appearance of the characters. However, even in spite of such a behavioral line, the community of players still remains quite loyal to this project.


Most likely, CS: GO will still retain the place of the leader in the field of eSports, because due to the rather large and friendly community of players, it will be popular for a very long period of time, albeit somewhat fading away against the background of Gabe’s systematic loss of interest and his team to the development of the project.

Overwatch, while incredibly interesting and exciting project, with a high degree of probability, will remain mediocre in popularity for professional players. In any case, until he sees the light of the second part of this franchise. One way or another, time will tell.

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