RBK Games: Parograd, Best Browser Game 2013 launched

The best browser game based on the results of the KRI 2013 conference called “Parograd” was launched on September 22 of this year by the RBK Games gaming platform.

Unique gaming setting

The universe of the game “Parograd” was created based on the cycle of works “New Era” by David Lindsay and combines elements of classic fantasy and steampunk. The heroes of the game live in the Universal Mechanism – a world that is a complex system of interconnected mechanical devices with an infinite supply of energy. The technology of the once mighty Paragon race has enabled the inhabitants of the Mechanism to build airships, create steam robots, and erect massive weapons factories. The player begins his journey in the place of the mysterious death of the Paragonians – the industrial city-state of the Nexus.


The game was developed on the Unity 3D engine, which allowed the developers to achieve graphics quality that is unique for browser games. The character models, weapons, locations and effects are worked out at a level comparable to many games using a full-fledged client with a volume of several gigabytes. At the same time, a flexible system of settings allows players to optimize the game for the capabilities of their computer.


A unique crafting system allows players, at their discretion, to change the characteristics of almost any item, including vehicles – jetpacks and steam cycles. The crafting system uses modifiers inserted into weapons and other items of equipment, metals, sharpening and smelting.


There are currently four character classes available in Parograd – Mediums, Arcanists, Archers and Guardians. In this case, the player can create up to five characters on one account, which allows you to try several styles of play and choose the most interesting one.


There are four human races available in the game – Stroygmagr, Ostenians, Avenossians and Heartlands, two elf races – Draugi and Ravens, three greenskin races – Goblins, Hobbes and Orcs, and one semi-mechanical race of gnomes created by the Paragonians.


Fans of battles between real players will be able to test their strength in locations with free PvP, guild wars, arena battles (in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 modes), as well as take part in large-scale PvP tournaments and events organized by the administration games. is a gaming platform for browser-based and client-side online games launched on May 15, 2013, where users under a single account can play the most popular online games. Now the platform features more than 40 games of different genres from the world’s leading game manufacturers, and in 2014 it is planned to launch more than 20 game projects from all over the world. RBK Games also regularly holds various gaming promotions and contests with the opportunity to win a variety of prizes.

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