Relax and while away the time: new gaming apps

Arcade games, races, shooters, sports, gambling and other games – all of them help to relieve tension and forget about tasks, projects and deadlines for a while. Let’s talk about new products in the world of mobile games – applications that will help unload your head after a hard day at work.

Legendary Candy Crush Saga

Many countries know and love the Candy Crush Saga puzzle. It cannot be called fully new, but updates in the game occur regularly, new levels and challenges appear. Therefore, even an avid gambler can eventually discover new facets of the game.

The mobile game Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular in the match 3 genre. If you add up all the levels that players have passed, you get more than a trillion.

The main goal of the game is simple – to make as many combinations of 3 or more candies in order to score more points. The game not only relaxes and immerses you in the bright world of mouth-watering sweets, but also trains your quick wits.


The complete opposite of the peaceful Candy Crush Saga. SHADOW FIGHT ARENA is based on interactive user interaction in the virtual world. Here you can gather teams for battles, try different combat tactics and look for the weaknesses of your opponents.

The selected character can be controlled like in a classic fighting game and get the experience of a console battle on a smartphone.

Forza street

A new generation of racing. Simple controls and a dynamic camera with versatile angles make you feel not only in the driver’s seat, but also create the effect of watching a Hollywood blockbuster.

The game has the opportunity to compete in both minute races and a story-driven competition, as well as win legendary cars: classic muscle cars, modern sports cars and retro supercars.

Bid Wars: Lombard Empire

For those who like to try their savvy and those who like financial transactions. In this game, as in life, in order to defeat other participants and earn decent money, it is important not only to rely on pure knowledge, but also to listen to your intuition.

The essence of the game is to participate in various auctions, place bids, defeat competitors and earn a reputation as the new “wolf of Wall Street”.

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