Review of the new part of the Resident Evil franchise

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Despite the fact that the attention of millions of fans is drawn to esports, do not forget that one of the best games of 2021 was recently released. It’s about Resident Evil: Village. This title is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, which was released in 2017. Then the developers from the studio Capcom made a revolutionary decision to change the view from the third person to the view from the first and introduced a completely new character – Ethan Winters.

Horror stories and clever plot

Resident Evil: Village is a survival horror game. The main character is the same Ethan. The developers constantly put the player in a difficult position. You need to quickly make a choice and figure out how to survive, because Ethan always has less ammo and first-aid kits than is needed to survive. But you can interact with the environment. For example, the hero is able to break the glass so that the street cold weaken the bloodsuckers.

The supply of resources can be replenished by creating them during the game. Otherwise, it is better to just run away – this option is also provided for by the game. If there is nowhere to run, you need to defend yourself – for example, cover your face with your hands. Some resources for survival are very cleverly hidden on the map, and they can be found if you carefully and for a long time research the levels. The community map in the Village has grown several times, but this does not save the player from the feeling that there is nowhere to escape. In the game, you will visit a village with a cemetery, a castle, a dam and several other territories.

New mechanics

The game is similar to the previous part, but now we have to fight with vampires, monsters and zombies. Ethan will need to defeat giant monsters and solve unusual puzzles. This is a pretty fast and scary game where you need to make decisions quickly and save yourself. It is especially interesting when, in the midst of a battle, a call is heard, and the monsters run away somewhere (then you find out what it is about).

Note that the setting of the new game inevitably evokes associations with Resident Evil 4. There, too, the main events resembled a village setting. Therefore, the developers added Easter eggs and references to the Village. For example, a merchant named Duke appears in the game. This is the same colleague of the notorious mysterious guy who, in the mid-2000s, became the mascot of the fourth part of the franchise.

The Duke sells not only cartridges and first aid kits to Ethan, but also new weapons. Also, the Duke buys valuables and unnecessary things and can pump Ethan’s weapons. It’s funny, but if you bring him meat and fish, he will cook dinner for him. Difficult dinner, but such dishes that increase health and running speed. You can also purchase cases from the Duke that expand your inventory. All this will help you not only to enjoy the game, but also save your lives in the fight against monsters.

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