Review of the wonderful MMORPG game Taiji Panda: Heroes

What do we know about pandas? Probably many imagine a very lazy animal, which only does what is bamboo, but sleeps in the trees. In the new mobile game from the developers of Snail games, our familiar panda was presented in a very cool way. This panda is fluent in the power of Tai Chi, and can crush any opponent. All she needs is sturdy gear and a well-matched team of heroes!

What is this game?

The game takes place on the mainland of Nosvot, which, according to the leader of Sora, has always been considered the mirror world of Avzar (the main world of the first part of the game). The main characters conquered Nosvoth from the demonic army 300 years ago. Now this valley is home to a huge variety of races from different worlds.

However, the mighty demon Maguna, who lost his battle in the distant past, decided to return and take revenge on the entire continent. To do this, he recruited ancient magicians who helped him travel in time and change the course of history. The main characters will have to stop Magun and his army in order to save Nosvot.


At the very beginning of the game, you can choose one of three characters: Taiji panda, Maxi warrior and Lauren, the treasure hunter. However, after completing the training in the game, you can add a huge number of new heroes to your team, each of which has its own unique capabilities. In addition, you can always change the main character to another.

Each hero of this game can be improved from head to toe. There are different sets of equipment in the game that players can collect and improve them to give them power and a different look.

Passing tasks, the player gains experience and thereby increases the level of his hero. Increasing the level, players will open up new territories with new monsters and treasures.

Multiplayer battle mode

In addition to all the main missions of the storyline, there are numerous PvP competitions in the game with other online players. Players can compete against each other and against world bosses in various arenas. The battlefield can be attended by up to 50 players online, which makes the game very interesting.

Impressive graphics

The most impressive aspect of the game, of course, is the graphics and physics. Unlike other games, in Tai Chi Panda: Heroes, you can feel every blow struck at the enemy. After you defeat the monsters, they effectively fly off in different directions, explode, and so on. Also in the game there are such elements as: fire, ice, wind, lightning, poison and dust. Using these elements, opponents can be effectively frozen, thrown into the air, burned, struck by lightning, and so on. All these effects, with the use of advanced technologies, look very impressive on a mobile phone screen.

If you are tired of boring games in which there are very few tasks and there is no development system, Taiji Panda: Heroes will be the most suitable option!

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