Santorin is ready to surprise everyone at Wordls 2021

At this year’s League of Legends World Cup, Team Liquid jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen will represent North America for the third time in an international tournament with three different teams. Santorin and Liquid will play in the group stage of the World Cup this year – and they are aiming for the crown. Users looking forward to the start of the tournament.

Santorin at Team Liquid

Until recently, Santorin has tried to take it to the next level throughout his career. However, once he reached the top, Santorin could no longer stop there. The first was the LCS Lock In tournament, in which he helped Liquid win the first trophy. He did this without being able to compete in the team competition in the first week of the tournament due to visa problems.

Liquid’s poor performance quickly faded into the past in the high season. They took TSM apart completely in the first round, reminding the community of how good they can be. However, their winning streak was halted as soon as they had their first rematch against Cloud9. Lack of aggression on the map, lack of objective control and generally poor play in the laning phase plagued Liquid. They quickly corrected this in their third round match against TSM, qualifying for the final in which they lost 3-2 to C9 in a rematch. Even though Liquid had a chance to win the MSS tournament when they faced formidable opponents like TSM and Cloud9, Santorin was not there.

Santorin had to retire due to migraine waves that could prevent him from training and playing. Once again, Santorin has had to persevere in its entire career. This time, however, he had to fight something that had gotten out of his control.

About three weeks after Summer Split, Santorin had to take a break from the competition again due to health problems. The hiatus was also made public at the same time Liquid announced the resignation of head coach Joshua “Jatt” Lisman from the team. In parallel with this decision, the team also struggled with relationship issues with starter top laner Barney “lphari” Morris, which led to his resignation. Liquid experienced internal turmoil right after finishing second in MSS.

Santorin only returned to the starting lineup in week nine and immediately had an impact on the team again. According to Games of Legends, he helped Liquid win two of the last three regular season games of the 2021 LCS Summer Split with 7.3 KDA headroom, the highest of any jungler this week, while maintaining constant control that resulted in objective conclusions and pressure on the map.

And as soon as the LCS championship began, all questions were cleared, as the Liquid team roster, which could have been dominant, returned. Liquid and Santorin made it to the final – and earned themselves a place in the World Cup.

Once in the finale, everything collapsed in an uncharacteristic but familiar way. As in the second round of MSS, Liquid played very poorly. Although the 100 Thieves completely dominated the game, Liquid showed no signs of coordination, were inferior in the laning phase and showed poor play in general. After getting through the finals in almost record time, Liquid and Santorini had a month to change their game between the Summer Finals and the Worlds.

Liquid without Santorini play much worse, and this was demonstrated in their performance in the MSS final. While replacement jungler Jonathan “Armao” Armao was doing well, they still lacked one screw in the mechanism to win.

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