SOMA – We analyze the plot and the ending of the game

Before you start reading this material, we recommend that you first go through the game, because the article is guaranteed to kill any pleasure from passing. We recommend reading for those who have already played SOMA and are trying to figure out the details of the game.

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So, the protagonist of the SOMA game wakes up at home in Canada. After he gets up, he takes his medicine and goes before the doctor to scan his brain. He scans it in order to restore it. The cause of his problem lies in the accident, where he damaged his brain. After he comes to the doctor and sits down in a chair, he wakes up already at an unknown station that launched satellites. The satellites, in turn, were designed to save humanity. But many years have already passed when the main character sat down in a chair and was copied. During this time, a comet has already fallen to Earth and smashed everything into the trash, including the one that killed the main character – Simon. And those who were in the underground complexes, that is, the stations, it turns out, do not exist at all.

The consciousness of the protagonist, which was copied in Toronto, awakens already in the module and in someone else’s body, at this station – “Epsilon”. But at the moment of awakening, he does not understand that he is in someone else’s body, and even more so, does not understand that he is at the station. In fact, he does not understand that he is not a person, but mechanical crap, which is filled with a special gel that was developed by scientists for scientific needs. So, soon a scientist, who is an exact copy of a real scientist, contacts the main character. In general, the scientist asks the protagonist to save a certain “Ark”.

What is the Ark? The “Ark” is a small device, no larger than an ordinary box, where the identities of scientists copied earlier and all those people who have managed to survive for a thousand years are kept. In this way, scientists wanted to preserve humanity, or rather what was left of humanity – thoughts and mind.

But to send this device, you need to go to the farthest station and thus go through the maddened “AI” – they are “NIU”. In combination with the gel, they became a real horror that swallowed up almost all people and all living organisms that were on the seabed. UMAS wants to stop people and generally destroy them all.

As you progress, the main character soon learns that he is not human – he is just a copy. He begins to suffer for a very long time because of this. But soon he copies himself to continue moving on. There is a choice: put the first copy to sleep, or leave it alive. Now the new copy achieves its goal together with the scientist who settled in the “Omni-Instrument”. They just miraculously get to the cannon, which, according to the idea, should launch the “Ark” into space. Soon, they manage to do it.

At the very end, the main character (still the same second copy) remains under water and begins to swear, since he was left and no one is going to save him. At the same time, he manages to copy himself and his assistant once more and send them to the “Ark”. That is, the consciousness of the protagonist was copied for the third time, and the scientist, too, who helped the first copy of the protagonist and all the other copies that tried to launch the “Ark”. In general, they end up on the “Ark” (well, how are they, their copies, which, according to the idea, are also personalities). Now they are found in some kind of virtual world. The Ark is fired into the atmosphere and thus hides deep in space.

Additional Information

► The main character ended up in the ocean due to the fact that his copy was brought there by scientists from Toronto.

► The main character thrust his hand into the heart of “NIU” so that the torment of the people who were under her control would stop. His flesh was able to kill “NIU”.

► Scientists were unable to launch the “Ark” for the reason that they killed the person responsible for this launch. And when they thought better of it, it was too late. And there is also “NIU”, which prevented them.

► Monsters are a mixture of organics, body parts of employees and WAU gel. Together, this makes them very scary monsters, which are run by the AI.

► When the consciousness was copied, the original did not disappear anywhere, just the new copy received the same consciousness that the original had at the last moment and all the memories it had.

► In the end, humanity perished, not perished. Moreover, it disappeared in the form in which they existed. As for the “Ark”, sooner or later it will come to an end. Technically, those people who were inside have no chance of surviving, let alone developing further, or vice versa – developing and living on (it sounds even worse).

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