Song of Horror Coming Soon to Sony Playstation 4: When Will the Popular Console Release?

Sony Playstation 4 owners should prepare for the real horror in 2020. Studio Protocol Games (Spain) promises that the console adaptation of the acclaimed game Song of Horror will appear in the public domain next spring.

Will the PS version be different from the PC version?
While many personal computer users move on to the third episode of the game, fans of Sony’s consoles are left with counting the months until the first part goes on sale.

It is known that a new game for Sony playstation 4 practically will not differ from the version developed for stationary personal computers and laptops. Most likely, console owners will also gradually gain access to each of the five game episodes.

Along with the release of the game for the Sony console, the “Complete Edition” (full version) for the PC will also be sold.

What is known about the popular game: what is needed for horror fans
The decision to create an adaptation for consoles came from representatives of the Protocol Games studio due to the increased interest of gamers in the plot of the game. So, the novelty, created in compliance with the best traditions of the horror genre, has repeatedly hit the top of the most popular computer games.

According to the popular English-language aggregator Metacritic, the final rating of the game exceeds 7 points out of 10. This means that the game meets the requirements of modern gamers in most of the parameters put forward.

The main advantages of the game, which will soon be available for PS4 owners
Why Sony console users will love to play Song of Horror:

  • Interesting story. Adventure horror with elements of detective, fantasy and psychology captures in the first seconds. The effect of surprise and unpredictability, unique storylines and an amazing atmosphere – this is the formula for the attractiveness of the game.
  • Advanced gameplay. The effect of total immersion and a subtle thread of tension that accompanies the player throughout each episode allows you to plunge into the stunning gameplay and completely forget about distractions during the game.
  • Accuracy and consistency of the gameplay. Control of the player’s actions is the result of the functioning of a modern intellectual platform. The game instantly reacts to any decisions of the user.

Of course, the secret of Song of Horror’s success is the abundance of interesting and unusual characters. A variety of characters are involved in the gameplay, which will help you find the clue and, accordingly, the successful passage of all 5 episodes.

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