The best games for android – Top-10

Whether we like it or not, mobile platforms are increasingly penetrating the gaming industry and games on them are already quite serious projects that look pretty good visually and which have an exciting gameplay, like games on other platforms. Well, modern technologies and the power of current mobile gadgets make it possible to make graphics in such games of a quite good level, which may not be able to compete with modern consoles and PCs, but it still looks quite good. Therefore, if you think that android games are simple clickers for 20-30 minutes or very boring projects where you need to do monotonous actions and gain endless points, then this is definitely a selection for you.


Top 10 Android Games

Everyone knows Minecraft. Simple graphics, craft everything you can, spacious locations and many children and teenagers on each server. In general, the project is quite good and interesting. However, if earlier Minecraft was only on PC, now it can be played by owners of mobile platforms with Android OS. Convenient control and almost complete similarity to the PC version will give you the opportunity to enjoy crafting wherever you appear with a mobile device. In the game on mobile platforms, as well as on the PC version, there are many modes, so you can always hone your skills or start playing online with other players. Create new items and play your favorite game whenever you want with Minecraft for Android.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Top 10 Android Games

PUBG has already become the benchmark of the battle royale genre, where players find themselves on a large map and, collecting weapons and equipment, kill each other while the safe zone gradually narrows. PUBG has long been a hit on PC and modern consoles, and now it is possible for owners of mobile devices on Android to become the best in the battle royale. The game has convenient controls and an intuitive interface, so after getting used to it, you can shoot as easily and accurately as on other platforms. Of course, the graphics here are slightly lower in level, but do not forget that we are facing a game on a mobile platform.


Top 10 Android Games

If we are talking about the royal battle, then in addition to PUBG, we should of course also mention the famous Fortnite, which recently also pleases the owners of mobile platforms. Although there are other modes in this game, I think it is obvious that it was the appearance of the royal battle that made this cartoon game famous. Battles in Fortnite are in no way inferior to the famous PUBG in terms of their dynamics and interest, and the abundance of equipment and memory items, as well as the cartoon style, make the battles in this game even more exciting and fun. So if you love this genre and cartoon style of design, then Fortnite for Android will brighten up your free time well wherever you are.

Clash of clans

Top 10 Android Games

Clash of Clans is a strategy for mobile platforms, where you have to build defenses for your settlement and attack yourself to get large resources that will be used to develop your base. Clash of Clans can be played online with friends or random players, as well as create entire clans by helping each other and joining forces. In addition, the game is distributed according to the Free-to-play model, so you can play it for free, but the game itself already contains microtransactions for certain resources. In general, a good, free strategy for mobile devices with addictive gameplay and good visuals.


Top 10 Android Games

This game is a whole mixture of genres, including RPG, action, platformer, role-playing game and more. In Terraria, you create your own character, the key parameters of which will affect the generated world in which he will inhabit. In the inner world of the game, there are many special locations (biomes) that are very different from each other and that you can explore. In addition to gathering resources and exploring locations, the game also has character leveling and battles with enemies. Based on all this, it can be noted that Terraria is an interesting project in which you can hang out for more than one day, and its presence on android makes it one of the best games for mobile platforms.

Pokémon go

Top 10 Android Games

Pokémon Go is probably the most talked about mobile game in recent years. Even those who have not played it have heard about it and the merit here is not only all the well-known cartoon characters. In this game you have to walk with a mobile device and look for Pokémon in the real world, no matter how strange it sounds. With the help of a mobile gadget, you catch these or those fabulous creatures, which then go to your collection. Such an unusual gameplay instantly made the game one of the most demanded and popular among mobile games. In honor of Pokémon Go, various events are held, and in many communities the game has acquired an almost cult status. In general, if you want to be on trend or are just looking for an interesting and exciting game on mobile platforms, then Pokémon Go should definitely be on your mobile device.

Fallout shelter

Top 10 Android Games

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play mobile and PC game that is part of the acclaimed Fallout series. However, even if you are not in any way familiar with this series and generally “not in the subject”, it doesn’t matter, since you can play the game without it. You have to manage a shelter where the survivors are fleeing from nuclear contamination. In order for your shelter to function well, it needs resources, and in order for them to be obtained, you must assign appropriate people to certain jobs, based on skills and abilities. Success will depend on how you correctly assign responsibilities, keep track of people. In general, a good and interesting simulator, for which it is not a pity to kill a little time every day.

Injustice 2

Top 10 Android Games

Do you like good fighting games, but would like to play many of them on mobile devices? Sounds like Injustice 2 is for you. This game was released on modern consoles and PCs and now it has reached mobile devices. A user-friendly interface, vivid battles of all known superheroes and quite good graphics with special effects make Injustice 2 a very successful project for Android. The plot of the game will tell you about the adventures of famous superheroes and supervillains, including Superman, Batman, Joker and many others. In general, if you want to fight DC heroes anytime, anywhere – choose Injustice 2.


Top 10 Android Games

Hearthstone is a card game featuring characters from World of Warcraft. As in any similar games, you need to correctly assemble a deck of different cards, then win victories in a network game with other players. Each card in the form of a certain character can deal damage and has protection. You can attack both the opponent’s cards and his hero. The hero is the main character who has 30 health units, and the game will be over when the hero’s health is at zero. A correctly assembled deck of cards and successful battle tactics are the keys to victory. By the way, the game is free.

Clash royale

Top 10 Android Games

This game is very similar to the previous project of this collection – Clash of Clans, with which Clash Royale is in the same setting. In Clash Royale, you need to defend towers from the influx of enemies in the form of armies of another player, and also capture the towers yourself. A key aspect of the game is the use of special cards, which represent something like an attack by troops. Correct use of cards and good defense are the keys to winning this game. The game also has its own clans, as well as many modes where you can hone your mastery skills.


At the end of this collection, I would like to note that, as on other platforms, games on mobile devices are very different. Modern mobile gadgets are becoming more powerful and more powerful, so games on them will only get better and in the near future it is highly likely that a game on the same android will not differ much from a modern game on a PC or consoles. I would like to note that there are many more good games for mobile gadgets that did not make it to this top. In any case, I would like to hope that the games above were interesting for you and you can definitely pick up one for yourself. Play only good games and not too much!

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