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Strategy is one of the most popular genres of computer games, and it is far from easy. Such games provide an opportunity not only to have fun during the gameplay, but also require the ability to plan, build tactics and think over every step, which makes this genre of games similar to the same chess. But a good strategy must have a number of aspects that must be successfully combined: exciting gameplay, graphics, plot, etc. In this collection we will consider 10 strategies where all these elements are successfully combined with each other, forming a very successful project.

Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War 3

The best strategies

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. We need to build bases, create certain units of one of the three playable factions and lead our squads into battle destroying enemy armies. In the game, you can choose between Space Marines, Orcs and Eldar. Each faction has its own characteristics, units and mechanics. The game has both a story company and a multiplayer mode. All in all, a good real-time strategy game with an interesting setting.

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall

The best strategies

The Civilization series is a shining representative of global turn-based strategies, where you need to create your own civilization and go with it from the primitive tribe of the state that explores space and discovers the atom. Step by step you master new technologies and build cities with buildings inside them. Civilization 6: Rise and Fall is an add-on for part 6, with new game mechanics and nations. Develop your civilization in any direction: create a unique culture, make scientific breakthroughs, convert everyone to your religion, or simply gather a powerful army and subdue the rebellious. In Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, you are free to lead your people in any direction and develop as you please.

Surviving Mars

The best strategies

The colonization of Mars has been exciting the minds of both world scientists and famous science fiction writers for a long time. Paradox Interactive decided to implement a similar venture about the conquest of a neighboring planet, at least in the virtual world, and now the game Surviving Mars appeared – a strategy where we have to lead a colony on Mars, gradually developing and mastering the planet more and more. Build new buildings, get resources, increase the number of colonists – all this and much more can be done in the game. Well, the wonderful design of locations and good graphics will make this process more enjoyable and interesting.


The best strategies

Stellaris is a prime example of a combination of strategy subgenres such as real-time strategy and global strategy. In the game, you have to lead a little bit of a whole space power, the leader of which has a lot of responsibilities. To lead your faction to prosperity, you need to regularly develop, master new star systems, planets and technologies, regularly extract various resources, build cities and settlements and, of course, conduct skillful diplomacy with other factions and have a powerful army if diplomacy suddenly fails. In general, at the exit we have a very large-scale and interesting project, where we have to conquer space and develop our civilization on a global scale.

Hearts of Iron 4

The best strategies

Hearts of Iron 4 is a global turn-based strategy game that covers a large part of the 20th century, when the most significant military conflicts took place. In the game, the main emphasis is placed on combat operations: the development of the army, industrialization, the study of new military technologies, the development of technology, and specifically the combat operations themselves. In the game, you can control the front line, choose the direction of the troops, build a war plan, etc. In general, the game is a good strategy, where you can plunge into the past, choose one of the powers and start conquering the world. Well, stylish graphics with a great soundtrack to boot.

Cities: Skylines

The best strategies

Have you ever wanted to be the mayor of a city? How about building the metropolis of your dreams? Thanks to Cities: Skylines, you have the ability to do both. Great city-building simulator from the masters of strategy Paradox Interactive gives you the opportunity to build a city the way you want. Residential buildings, roads, infrastructure, industrial plants and entertainment establishments – all of this you control and can vary in certain proportions. Remember that the key to success in Cities: Skylines is the well-being of your citizens, so if you want to be a good mayor, you must make all your citizens happy.

Jurassic World: Evolution

The best strategies

A series of films about “Jurassic Park” and the idea that the remains of dinosaurs have survived on the mysterious island, which make it possible to clone and make new ones, really liked the audience at one time. Based on a series of films, the strategy Jurassic World: Evolution was released, where you need to take on the role of the head of this very Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs will live. Such a position requires a lot of responsibility, because you need to take care of predators, develop cloning technologies, raise new pets and, of course, take care of safety if you do not want dinosaurs to escape as in the films of the franchise of the same name.

StarCraft 2 series

The best strategies

StarCraft is Blizzard’s acclaimed real-time strategy series. The gameplay in StarCraft is so dynamic that the game has even become one of the eSports disciplines and tournaments and competitions are held in it. In StarCraft 2, you also need to build bases, erect various structures and create a variety of units that will help you defeat the enemy troops. There are three factions in the game: terrans, which are descendants of earthlings, protoss, which are an alien race, and zerg, a race similar to a cluster of various large insects. The game has a storyline, but the main focus of the game is on multiplayer. It is in online battles with live players that StarCraft 2 fully reveals itself and clearly demonstrates why it is one of the best strategies in the real world and has taken its place in esports.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The best strategies

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a mixture of turn-based strategy and tactical RPG with RPG elements. According to the plot of the game, a race of aliens invades the Earth in order to capture and enslave our planet. A special squad to fight the alien invaders XCOM will have to resist the aggression of the aliens. In this game, you have to manage the squad base, constantly develop it and monitor the economic component, which are elements of a turn-based strategy. Also, the player has to, leading a small squad, with the help of competent tactical actions and a well-thought-out strategy, deal with superior forces of enemies, which brings elements of a tactical game with RPG and RPG elements into the gameplay. In general, a fairly versatile project that is perfect for those gamers who like thoughtful tactics and strategy.

Europa Universalis 4

The best strategies

Europa Universalis 4 is yet another strategy in our selection from the developers at Paradox Interactive. This game is a global turn-based strategy game in which you have to take on the role of the leader of one of the powers of the late Middle Ages. The game itself covers a period of time from the 15th to the 19th century. During this long period of history, you have to make your country a world leader in various aspects. Everything is used: trade, the creation of colonies, a good economy, successful diplomacy, profitable alliances and of course war. There are more than enough means to achieve the goal, as well as to real politics. Such thoughtful gameplay can easily plunge you into “showdowns” between states for many hours, if not days.


As you can see, there are many different strategies. There are real-time strategies, there are turn-based ones, which are somewhat reminiscent of board games. There are strategies that combine both of these subgenres, and there are representatives of very different directions, like the same XCOM: Enemy Unknown. There are a lot of strategies now and everyone can choose for himself exactly the game of this genre that he likes the most. I would like to believe that this collection helped you with this.

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