The most important nuances of choosing a gaming keyboard

To start a gaming career from scratch, you need to acquire a good working tool. You can go the route of least resistance and buy a laptop that is completely ready for use. However, experienced e-sportsmen note that a desktop computer is much better, it can be constantly improved and modernized. True, the desktop PC still needs to be assembled. In addition to powerful hardware, the player will need high-quality peripherals: a mouse, a headset and gaming keyboard

Klava is involved in controlling game characters and setting up games; it should be chosen with special care. Neither the “origin” of the keyboard, nor its quality, nor the basic features of its functioning can be ignored. A thorough analysis of 5 parameters will help you make the right choice.


Many companies make keyboards for players. Some of them are always heard, while others are unknown to the vast majority of users. It is better to give preference to well-known brands:

  • firstly, they care about their own reputation and pay more attention to product quality;
  • secondly, it is much easier to find components (for example, keycaps) for their development.

The most popular manufacturers of keyboards for gaming computers:

  • Razer, HyperX, HP;
  • as well as MSI, Varmilo, Trust.

Their assortment includes products from different price categories. You can choose an inexpensive keyboard with familiar design and features, or a stylish premium model with a package of additional options.

Keyboard type

The keyboard can be based on a membrane or a set of mechanical switches. Both options have the right to exist, but only the “mechanics” managed to get mass recognition among the players. The reasons for its demand are obvious – these are:

  • Great resource of work. Keyboards’ lifespan is measured by the number of keystrokes. In mechanical models, it reaches 50 million, which is 2-3 times more than in membrane ones.
  • Lack of “fatigue effect”. Mechanical switches retain their properties throughout their entire service life. The speed of their operation does not decrease over time.
  • Ergonomic design. The devices are made taking into account the preferences of the players; their configuration allows using popular game combinations without the slightest discomfort.

Membrane models also have advantages. For example, quiet operation and affordable cost. The disadvantage lies in low longevity, especially with active use.

Key functions

The player needs a keyboard that can be adapted to their own needs. It is easier to do this with additional programmable keys. They are needed to create macros, as well as to quickly call frequently used commands.


Customizable lighting isn’t just for improving the look of your gaming keyboard. It also has a practical function. So, with its help, you can highlight the necessary keys. In addition, additional colored light allows you to play in the dark.


The good old wired keyboard is reliable. It connects to a PC via a cable, so there is little risk of interruption at the most inopportune moment.

The only drawback of the model with a wire is the limited range and the inability to actively move around the table during the game.

A wireless keyboard is more expensive. It is connected to a PC via wireless interfaces or using an adapter. The advantage is unlimited user movements when using. Klava without wires is not afraid to jerk sharply in the heat of emotions.

The keyboard should have its own permanent memory. It is needed to save settings and create personal player profiles. This opportunity is especially valuable if several users have access to one gaming computer at once.

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