The unique online game Dragon Loyalty has been launched

One of the most popular novelties on the online games market in Europe and Asia, the Dragon Loyalty game, has now appeared in Russia. Reality Squared Games (R2Games) is pleased to announce the release of Dragon Loyalty, a Massively Multiplayer Online Adventure RPG (MMORPG).

Created by the young and fun team of Eyugan, the game is ideal for those who like to spend time in the world of fantasy and adventure. Many genres and styles have been combined in the creation of the game, resulting in this original and fresh MMORPG. Players will experience exciting adventures, battles with monsters and intriguing events. The game amazes with great graphics and dynamic storyline, which becomes more difficult from level to level. Loyalty to the Dragons is a completely free online game that does not require installation on a computer.

The action begins in an area that was once guarded by dragons. Fearing that the Great Evil that had taken over the world could use the power of dragons against people, the faithful guardians and defenders of the light world agreed to voluntary imprisonment. Now players must free the dragons and, together with the dragons, rid the world of darkness and chaos.

The game features three classes of heroes – Warriors, Mages and Archers. Each class has its own unique branch of development of skills and abilities, be it strength, dexterity or magical abilities. Loyalty to the Dragons is also attractive for its original combination of new game elements. For example, Treasure Hunt. This event allows groups of players to use a treasure map in the hopes of finding a treasure of jewels. Also, Loyalty to the Dragons introduces the Wishing Well, which allows players to receive cash prizes by throwing coins into the well.

The game features a superbly designed house dragons system. Players raise, train and equip their pets to help them in battles and battles. In addition to the skills and abilities of the player, “Dragon Loyalty” provides the ability to use the dragon’s orbs. Players can collect and synthesize orbs to make their dragons even stronger and more unique.

Separately, it is worth mentioning such a game element as the Farm, which allows the player to harvest and increase experience with it. Finally, a huge number of events are held to diversify the gaming reality and do not let the visitors get bored.

The gaming platform of the R2Games company provides players with the opportunity to discover many interesting and exciting free games. Dragon Loyalty is one of the most popular games in China. Today, Dragon Loyalty is played by almost 5 million users. The game was released in Russian on December 9th. Anyone can join the game by following the link

About R2Games

R2Games is the world leader in free turn-based browser and mobile games. The company mainly collaborates with development teams whose games have become widely known. R2Games’ growing catalog of games includes games such as: Wartune, League of Angels, Blade Hunter, and Dragon Loyalty.

R2Games implements marketing strategy, chooses distribution methods, maintains day-to-day server operations, designs and implements new game events. Communication with clients is carried out by the company’s support service.

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