The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – The Great Game of Recent Years

It’s time to find out why The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt should become one of the best RPGs of recent years. In general, let’s find the reasons for the general excitement in the game and separate the “wheat from the chaff”.

Love for the famous series “The Witcher” is growing most likely with the speed of mushrooms that are in the vicinity of “old woman” Vizima. The first part managed to touch the most alive, the largest number of aesthetes, fans of dark Slavic fantasy and, of course, an excellent combat system at that time. But when the second part of Geralt’s story came out, it was just good in every sense and detail, from an impeccable, gorgeous picture to an exciting storyline, where, as far as you remember, detailed characters were present.

For most players, the new game became an occasion to plunge into a new incredibly exciting universe, thereby discovering a dark, gloomy and rather mysterious world from the series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Soon, everyone began to go through the two parts of The Witcher. The good thing was that the nonlinearity of the game allowed you to constantly discover something completely new for yourself. The most interesting thing is that the Poles, being a Slavic people, were able to conquer a millionth audience. In addition to creating amazing games with an immersive atmosphere, CD Projekt RED studio is also completely loyal in terms of policy with users. Let’s at least remember that the game developers, after the release of the second part of the game, removed the protection against piracy, just because it reduced performance! Thus, exposing their “product” to all types of piracy. In addition, let’s talk about content that only the lazy does not take. Poles, on the other hand, simply give it to their users.

Work on everyone’s favorite “The Witcher” has become so specific that it now does without a publisher. Most likely, this allows us to put so much love and effort into our games – in the end, we get very good games. For the same reason, we can say that the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was postponed in order to better “polish” it. Therefore, everyone should get a finished trilogy, and not a double goat, as you know what games yourself.

But it’s probably time to move on to the facts and finally figure out what will happen in the final part of the series that no one will have until this moment. Why The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is extremely likely to become one of the most mind-boggling genres.

Perhaps the most basic claim of the players to the “Witcher” series was precisely its intimacy: the locations stood out for their rather modest sizes and it was not possible to say that there was a lot and not say that there was not enough, but still. Now the studio CD Projekt RED took up the entire study of the terrain of the universe. The playing territory of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt really simply amazes with its size, therefore it captures a variety of places. Here you will find villages destroyed by the Great War (and the Wild Hunt), remote marsh plains / forests, and even the huge city of Novigrad! But all these territories have in common two great accompanying factors of the series: elaboration and gloom. It is also worth saying that in addition to the surface world, you can also visit various caves, dungeons, descend to the seabed in search of lost treasures and much more.

The game will become much darker, this is in addition to the fact that this fantasy itself is dark: a fierce war is going on in a huge Kingdom, and monsters and supernatural forces only heat up this situation. Each hectare of playable land is detailed. In general, in short, instead of the standard plains and swamps, Geralt will visit rocky cliffs, where trees are beautifully located, densely and sparsely populated suburbs of Novigrad and much, much more. Moreover, even a seemingly ordinary forest will no longer represent not just a set of Christmas trees, but an extremely detailed modeled area with traces of old and recent events. Now add the wonderful weather conditions, the change of day and your imagination in your head will simply explode.

As the game approaches its final completion, it would be more logical that the game will become much darker and the events will take on a new, more serious character compared to the previous events. The Empire of Nilfgaard has invaded the territory of the Northern Kingdoms and is moving deeper and deeper every day. Through the chaos of this war, our Geralt is trying to make his way to his personal goal, while simultaneously facing the evil that the Wild Hunt generates. This is an evil that can sweep a village off the face of this earth overnight – it will definitely have to be reckoned with. It is in this gloomy world that the player finds himself. It is not surprising that the current world has become more cruel and gloomy, because great events have taken place, in addition, the player will be forced to make not the easiest decisions, which are divided into “lesser evil and greater.”

In addition, exploring this world will become more interesting due to not only horses, but even ships. On a horse, you can not only ride across the vast plains, but also fight like that. A similar situation is with the enemies of The Witcher. And in naval battles, you can even use a crossbow (of course for self-defense).

In addition to the fact that the world of “The Witcher” is huge and detailed, there will be another interesting feature here: it all depends on what decisions you make during the game. Of course, the series before that was different in that any decision could significantly affect the storyline, but in the third part, even more attention will be paid to this part of the game. The world will change absolutely from all of Geralt’s actions: from the most insignificant to the most serious.

This part of the game is very interesting, because now not only parts of the storyline will influence the world around us, but also side tasks, which are promised to us here – a huge number. And the secondary tasks, according to the developers, worked out no worse than the main one. Thus, exploring the world will become much more interesting.

There are also long tasks that will take about an hour to complete. In addition to them, there will be completely short ones, which can be completed in a few minutes. In general, the point is that each player will be able to find for himself what he personally likes. It is worth saying that the duration of the tasks will be influenced by the level of difficulty: some creatures will be able to throw a serious challenge to our hero, so you will have to spend extra time to defeat him.

Each important / key character will, as always, have traditionally developed character traits. Now you will meet not only old heroes from past games, but also completely new characters who play an important role in the world. For example, you will finally meet with the Great Emperor of Nilfgaard Emgyr himself, who more than anyone else influences the political part of the world. Meet also the wonderful girl Yennefer, about whom everyone could hear, but never see.

The latest in-game footage shows that you will meet Ciri, Yennefer, so fans of the series will simply go crazy with what is happening. Well, and those to whom these girls are unfamiliar, we will only say that they are very dear to Geralt and play a huge role in the plot of the game.

Well, since we have already touched on the topic of girls, we will say that you cannot do without a romantic line in the game. Remember at least our charming and sexy Triss, because there is no need to doubt her elaboration. And of course, the red-haired sorceress will not play the smallest role in the game, so you should expect a lot from her. Most likely, after the appearance of Yennefer, it is most logical to expect a variety of scandals, disagreements between her and Triss.

Speaking about the universe of the game, here it is worth noting another interesting point that concerns the final part of the series. At the end of the game, many secrets await you, answers to many questions to which only a little was known. In addition, you will finally fully get acquainted with the Wild Hunt phenomenon and reveal its secrets, the secrets of many territories and, as a rule, learn a lot of new things about the local unique monsters.

As always, there are integral parts of The Witcher – brewing potion and creating items. But this time, the developers promised to make it more responsive and more understandable, while not taking away the opportunity for experimentation. Most likely the closest analogue is Skyrim, where you can get completely different items from different types of materials.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will get the opportunity to create unique witcher things that will consist of several parts. Each piece created will be available for improvement, so each piece will give you a certain bonus. In addition, you can create different types of weapons and different types of crossbow bolts.

As for the combat system, it will remind you of something in between what you once saw in the first part (a set of sequential attacks) and in the second (a series of several hits, a couple of signs and dodges) of the part. Naturally, all this is “smeared” with first-class animation and visual effects.

The game really looks gorgeous. Stunning game water, colorful and epic special effects in battles, games with light, trees swaying plausibly from the winds, rain accompanied by a thunderstorm, the scale of game landscapes and the facial expressions of characters – all really say only that the game is not just gorgeous, but Flawless. When there is a combination of such living creatures and a detailed study of the world, a branded dark and cruel universe, then all fans and players simply risk getting a magnificent dream world, the exploration of which will become one continuous pleasure.

Well, we think you should inform us about localization, which is so important for everyone. Judging by the speed of translation of official videos and other things, the quality of the voice acting and the selection of the cast, the Russian version of the game will not be inferior to the original, which is naturally another good news.

If anyone still has any doubts that this is really a dream game, then the fear lies in the feeling of disappointment. But we are sure that a real AAA masterpiece will soon be released and one of the best gaming companies on the planet, and which has already proven twice that it can create great RPGs.

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