“The World of DOTA” aired on Netflix

Relatively recently, there has been a renewed hope that films and cartoons, one way or another related to computer games, will regain some popularity. This fact is connected with the fact that one of the largest online movie theater chains, called Netflix, has released a short animated video called “The World of DOTA”. This can significantly affect future bets in this discipline on bookmaker sites, such as –… Now – in more detail about the video.

What is the video about?

“The World of DOTA” is a small excursion into the history of the world of the same name, where everyone interested is invited to listen to how exactly the Clash of the Titans was organized, what caused it to start, and what could potentially cause it to end. The video also indirectly touches upon the themes of individual characters, reveals some insignificant and little-known details of their history, and also briefly highlights the details of personal relationships between individual characters.

It is important to understand that “The World of DOTA” is, first of all, a small attempt to interest players in the history of the corresponding game world, also made with the expectation of attracting a certain number of new, fresh and active audience. It is not yet clear how well such a move by the creators of this video will work, but it remains to be hoped that Valve will demonstrate an analysis of the first results of the success of its experiment in the near future.

Who was involved in the creation of the video?

It should be noted that when creating this animated video, a lot of the most diverse, popular in the gaming industry, famous and not so famous people were involved. Designers, musicians, composers, artists and many other representatives of the professions, one way or another related to the creation of animation, were lit up there. Among them, for example, one can distinguish:

  • Jake SirActionSlacks Kanner – famous showman;
  • Owen ODPixel Davies – Esports commentator;
  • Jorin Sheever van der Heyden is an analyst and host of English-language programs.

It is important to understand that for the most part, the above members of the gaming community were mentioned, first of all, due to the fact that they are highly recognizable, and also it is their voices that voiced all the events and characters in the video. All the necessary information about other masters of their craft, involved in one form or another in the creation of this animation, can be found in the credits that go at the very end of “The World of DOTA”.

Let us also remind that the release of a full-length cartoon entitled “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” is planned for March 25 of this year. Let’s look forward to seeing what directors, actors and other animation professionals involved in the creation want to show us.

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