Three of the most anticipated game premieres in fall 2017

Autumn is the hottest time in the gaming industry. In the last quarter of the year, the most long-awaited games are released, postponed by the developers “for sweets”. This year’s three great premieres are the cherry on top – Divinity: Original Sin 2, Need for Speed: Payback and Star Citizen.

Turn-Based RPG: “Divinity: Original Sin 2”

The long-awaited release of “Divinity: Original Sin 2” will take place on September 14th – a year after its Early Access release. The second part of the turn-based RPG game is in many ways similar to the first, being its improved version. Fans of the Divinity world will have an exciting storyline campaign that can be played either alone or in multiplayer mode (up to 4 people).

The player can choose a “ready-made” character with a background or create a “fighter” practically from scratch. There are 4 races and 12 classes to choose from, which can be developed in any direction. Various options for detailed customization of appearance, abilities, character traits and combat characteristics are available.

The developers have improved the engine and increased the number of possibilities, generously adding quests, dialogues, spells and other elements of the game. The character will have many more options for reactions thanks to the deeper script.

Racing: “Need for Speed: Payback”

Fans of the NFS racing series are eagerly awaiting mid-fall, the time for the new Need for Speed: Payback title. The official release date has already been announced – the game will be released on November 10. On the eve of the high-profile premiere, fans are discussing the trailer on social networks, following the news and choosing the advanced ones. goods for games, which will allow you to get maximum pleasure from the “Need for Speed”.

The new game of the NFC series has a fascinating plot, in the center of which is the confrontation between three desperate brave men and the powerful criminal cartel “Dom”. Defeating the criminals is only possible by winning the main underground race taking place in Fortune Valley. The main characters – a racer, auto mechanic and showman – will participate in many intermediate races, face various difficulties and escape police chases.

To win races, you need a cool car that can be literally created from scrap metal. An advanced customization system is available, allowing you to create unique super-powerful cars with luxurious designs. Before each race, the car must be “tuned” by choosing the optimal class (Drift, Runner, etc.) depending on the conditions.

Space Simulator: “Star Citizen”

New space simulator “Star Citizen” from the developer Cloud Imperium Games Corporation will be released before the end of 2017. The game immerses you in the fantastic world of the United Earth Empire, neighboring in the Universe with various intelligent races – friendly and hostile towards humanity. At the start of the campaign, the Empire populates many planets of our Galaxy, having two centers – on Earth and Terra.

The player will take part in the conquest of the distant frontiers of the Galaxy, performing various missions – from establishing trade relations to conducting military operations. You can try on the role of a space explorer, diplomat, entrepreneur or “star” fighter. Any actions have an impact on the universe, leaving a mark in the history of the development of planets and civilizations.

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