Top 5 Coolest Gaming Heroes

Hardness, masculinity, intelligence, adherence to principles, coolness – this is what distinguishes heroes from ordinary people. And yet, the heroes are also mortals, even though we are talking about video games. And that is why these heroes evoke in the players a sense of empathy, a desire to imitate them, and even a desire to follow their life attitudes. Yes, and among these heroes there are no outstanding leaders, kings and even great commanders. But they do not need this, since they are capable of such that even the gods themselves never dreamed of. They do real deeds and do real deeds instead of scratching with their tongues.

And it would be very foolish to award these great heroes a place, because each of them makes an invaluable contribution and saves hundreds of lives. The only thing that brings the heroes together is an ardent desire for justice and a desire to save as many people as possible, even if this requires giving your life or a kidney.

The main difference between game heroes and movie heroes is that they do not slow down and constantly act. In games, you do not observe how the main characters are stupid in some situations, when you need to make a decision as soon as possible – you yourself act as you see fit, and as a couple, even make some fateful decisions. It is for this reason that the effect of empathy for the game characters is much greater, and the emotions are stronger.

Dear friends, the major gaming portal GameAwards presents to your attention the Top 5 coolest, most courageous and most famous video game heroes!

Captain Shepard from the Mass Effect series

And even though Captain Shepard is a conventional hero, only one appearance has taken root in him – the appearance of a bald Russian fighter who drinks two bottles of vodka in one gulp and then breaks them on his skull. Yes, he might be a narrow-eyed Chinese man, he might be a black-ass nigga, or even a woman. But he always remains an earthling, a soldier and a Captain. Whatever he was, he will always remain the one who saved the Earth, defeated the Reapers and those who seduced more than one blue-assed alien.

Yes, he could be cruel, angry and inadequate in a couple, but his true goal was to justify him. Shepard is a hero. And the hero is from the heels to the navel. His story always has a heroic origin, his actions are a feat, and his decisions show a reinforced concrete character. His shuttle is a work of art of two majestic races, not some fucking foreign car. And even though the ending of the Mass Effect series has soaked our hero and savior, he still remains the one who was able to kick the ass of the most ancient race, overcome the most irresistible and rise to a level that is not acceptable for an ordinary person!

Halo Master Chief

Here it is, another star of space! Master Chief or John-117 is another hero of humanity who has seen many battles. Pumped up both physically and intellectually. He represents a soldier of the future who is not afraid to rush into battle, devour a grenade and catch a bullet with his teeth.

Chief – this is the very last argument, if you specifically sagged in a war with alien invaders, or your generals are the most stupid degenerates! And even if he also represents an ordinary person, he still has his own “zest” – he is a specially trained and modified fighter, who has the most steel eggs in the universe. And he needs such bells not just to * be * in front of friends – they are needed to fight the enemy!

The Master Chief has no room for error, since the life of the whole Galaxy, including humanity, is at stake. On his side is pathos, military ingenuity and a cool gun, which is already ready to stuff another alien ass with lead. In some ways, the Master Chief is very reminiscent of Captain Shepard, but Shepard did not have a cool suit, and he was not one of the candidates for the Spartan II program. That is why Sergeant Major John-117 always keeps some kind of secret, an affair and loves to work alone!

Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space series

The only one who is able to measure eggs with the Master Chief is a mechanic from God and a nominee for the Golden Handles Isaac Clarke. Yes-ah, what this guy has seen, not everyone will immediately fit in his head. Of course, this body in an engineering suit didn’t save the galaxy, it doesn’t have a cool shuttle on which he would ride hot chicks and he didn’t get the opportunity to sleep with some sexy alien (and in general he didn’t get in touch with anyone), but still, Isaac did things that no hero had the courage to do.

Isaac, along with his trusty plasma cutter, made real mince from the monsters he met. He chopped them, shredded and incinerated. Yes, this guy had critical days: the roof went off, visited the “squirrel”, hard glitches began. But he did it! And even if as you progress it is not clear what prevails in his head, common sense or a sore head, but he remains that horseradish who was able to destroy hundreds of evil necromorphs who every minute tried to fuck him in the ass! Perhaps this is the most damn sick, but also the most fearless engineer in the universe, who can not only change the wiring, but also pull your rotten carcass out of the toughest rework!

Geralt from The Witcher series

Geralt of Rivia or just a monster hunter. Geralt is a mutant in his universe, but not ordinary, since he retained part of his human, unlike those people he meets on his travels. This is what this white-haired monster hunter became famous for in particular. Along the way, he does not encounter the usual choice where everything can be divided into good and evil. The world of the witcher is evil and lesser evil, so everyone can be kicked for any wrongdoing. But this does not prevent him from maintaining his nobility, humanity and being just an excellent hunter who will bring you a member of any monster.

Geralt became a real professional who, from an early age, learned how to kill monsters and survive in this tough world. In addition, he became famous not only as an unsurpassed hunter, but also as a tough lover. This witcher slept not only with all the prostitutes in Vizima, but also had a large number of sorceresses.

Geralt of Rivia turns out to be the most dramatic hero, because frequent loss, ingratitude, toughness and betrayal evoke a strong sense of empathy. But the important thing is that this does not break the witcher, but only makes him stronger!

Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series

The eternally silent old man Gordon is an analogue of some courageous intelligentsia. His tenacity and determination simply knows no bounds, so he simply had to get on the list of the coolest heroes. Putting on his glasses and picking up a reliable crowbar, he goes to open the garages behind the house and fight for the bright future of mankind!

The heroic image of this genius nuclear physicist has inspired many players. As a result, Gordon is adored by a huge crowd of fans. Of course, the legendary silent physicist could not deserve such respect if he had not saved humanity from an alien misfortune, had not looked at Alex Vance’s boobs, had not fraternized with various mutants and had not met one of the most mysterious characters – Ji-man! Constant battles, the fight against mutants and daily survival have made a real fighter out of the office quiet man, who now plays a key role in the struggle of humanity against the monster, who believed that he could take power into his own hands. Without a doubt, Gordon is one of the coolest game heroes, who is capable of crushing enemies with only one intellect, and cutting a skull with a crowbar!

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