TOP 5 popular computer games that are better to play with headphones

For some popular games, just a productive PC, a high-quality keyboard and a functional mouse are not enough – you also need good headphones with 3D sound effects and decent noise canceling capabilities.

Fortunately, many modern manufacturers of gaming equipment pay attention, including the development of headsets designed for use directly in the game.

Why a gamer may need headphones:

  • To move away from extraneous noise that distracts from the gameplay and complicates the process of fighting opponents or passing difficult levels;
  • To save others from the problem of too loud sound in games;
  • To fully experience the atmosphere of the game and enjoy every sound effect.

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Top 5 Popular Games You Should Play With Headphones

  1. Battlefield 4. Popular shooter, which at one time, it seems, was not played only by the lazy gamer. It provides a special game mode, which is accompanied by surround sound. It is in this mode that techno experts advise at least once to play Battlefield using headphones. Tellingly, it is the unusual 3D sounding in the headphones that gives the game a special atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy new sensations.
  2. Dota 2. In this already legendary game, good headphones with a headset will benefit both the player and his teammates. The thing is that an integral part of Dota is active negotiations with allies, which are much easier and more comfortable to carry out using a headset, rather than a microphone built into the laptop (under a continuous tap on the keyboard). In addition, the headphones will allow you to hear the already familiar music and comments in the game in a completely different way.
  3. Dark Souls 2. In this case, headphones are simply necessary, otherwise all the “zest” of the game will bypass the gamer. Despite the fact that the game is positioned as an RPG, it is simply impossible not to notice the elements of horror in it. And, as you know, horror without headphones is not such a horror. A genuine fear of tense silence and sudden screams can only be felt thanks to high-quality headphones.
  4. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. The soundtrack for this game seems to have been invented especially for music lovers. Those Superbrothers fans who want to add good tracks to their playlist will need headphones.
  5. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. A game that will definitely appeal to fans of a variety of specific sound effects. Thus, it creates the feeling of “voices in the head” thanks to binaural sound technology. Of course, you can enjoy all the delights of surround sound only with headphones – without them, the effect is practically not felt.

Headphones for gamers are a great opportunity to enjoy in a new way even old, already studied games.

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