Top 6 best zombie games

What is or who are “Zo-o-ombi”? Literally every movie and every game gives its own concept, and an idea of ​​who the “Zombies” really are. But among all the explanations, one thing is clear – if you meet personally with such guys, then they will not only bite your fingers off, but also eat everything that you have in your head and even gnaw all 200 bones.

Most likely, there is no such genre in games, wherever zombies have been. As for the cinema, he got sick with this crap back in 1968, when the first film about zombies was released, which was called “Night of the Living Dead”. It was from that moment that the chip with blood poisoning, a bite, all sorts of microbes, worms, saliva, food and other nonsense rushed.

Now this topic has managed to migrate into the universe of video games, and already in 2015 it was firmly entrenched. Of course, the release of zombie games was not as popular as in the movies, but this topic was gaining “weight”. And now we have lived to the point that the kids are not frightened by “Babaykami”, but by “Zombies”: “You will not sleep, dear, then an evil zombie will come and bite off the floor of your boss. I kiss everything, sleep. ” And when walking with friends, every now and then everyone thinks about which store to barricade themselves in in the event of a zombie misfortune, and what kind of beauty to grab for the continuation of the human race. But let’s not deviate far from our topic. Dear friends, the large gaming portal “” presents to your attention the Top-6 of the best games about zo-o-ombi-and-i.

Survival horror ZOMBI

And let many water this game with real shit. They scold her for the lack of graphics, on which we could distort. They scold for too high difficulty, because someone has hands from a folder-cancer. But, in spite of these disadvantages, the game still has its own noteworthy advantages. The first is complexity. The game is incredibly difficult even if you play it normally. Many people swear because of this, although this is wrong, because in reality it is not so easy to break off a leg from a chair and hammer a person with it, but here we are talking about zombies, who even beat off the hell, even the eggs – they do not care at all.

The second thing this game can boast of is the atmosphere of horror and fear. Sounds are constantly depressing, zombies are constantly popping out from around the corner, trying now and then to bite off a small piece of people. Walking through the foggy Albion, which is full of walking corpses, is constantly frightening and stressful. This is the whole “juice” of this game. And even if you are not greeted with a warm and pleasant next genome in the game, the game will undoubtedly please you on the first playthrough.

Yes, here you are not greeted with some unique mechanics, an interesting plot, or even some original story. The plot is typical, the hero is standard. Yes, this is another parody of an ordinary dumb American film, where you meet sick bastards, hundreds of zombies walk the streets, the heroes still have time to fall in love, after which they lose their loved ones and shout: “God, John, no, this cannot be, we will help you “. While John has already fucking turned into a zombie 300 times! The couple feels some kind of monotony, but the game is clearly catchy. After all, who else will give you the opportunity to dress up in a ballerina’s costume, pick up a saw stuck to the shovel of Baba Zoya and rush into the crowd of corpse-eaters to hack and chop everyone in a row?

Who will give you a fat, sick woman in a wheelchair for the disabled, who barricaded herself in a diner and constantly eats? Who else will give you the opportunity to slap a sick ninja-karateka on cabbage soup? Or give the devils to a man who imagined himself to be an astronaut? When you sit down to play Dead Rising 3, just try to relax and not strain, because this game is definitely not for serious people. It’s just some kind of pleasant weekend where you can go out into the street with a gun in dirty and shitty panties, start firing at rotten tits, knock some whips off the bat and just have fun in every possible way, constantly blowing up and just killing zombies.

Survival horror Dead Island

Even though this game was released back in 2011, it is still pleasant to play it, although it is a pity that the game is enough, well, for a maximum of one playthrough. But you will definitely remember this passage for a long time for the reason that at that time it was one of the best zombie games! Here you are given literally everything: choice, freedom of action, additional tasks, pumping and even his mother crafting! This game was the founder of the idea of ​​crafting in the game, so any person who liked everything after the released games – Dead Island will also like it.

Yes, you are not given the opportunity to constantly carry shotguns and release the brains of enemies to breathe fresh air whenever possible, but this is a great opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of survival horror! The game also has its own certain level of difficulty, so if you intend to survive, eat dog food, knock down all infected beauties, make yourself cool clubs for breaking skulls, then rather install this toy, because you will not regret the time spent.

In particular, the game became famous thanks to the first part. Every fan of a fun and exciting co-op, where it was possible to bring down whole “packs” of zombies, went to the Killing Floor. And, perhaps, the only thing that this atmospheric game lacked was the grafon. Yes, such a grafon, so that when you shoot, there are not only pools of blood, but also pieces of meat fly! And so Killing Floor 2 came out, which has been improved since the first part. New perks, new locations, improved visuals, grafon – everything that was missing in the first part was added!

And every self-respecting player, well, just a fan of fighting monstrous zombies, just has to assemble his team, take on a unique class, take a stronger gun, grab onto it and start firing at all the creatures that will meet. Moreover, it is better to play the game in a cooperative mode, because you cannot get pleasure so easily. To fully immerse yourself in the game, you need funny friends who, at the right moment, will wipe your ass, and wipe your snot. And what’s more, custom mods are available in the game, so keep your rolls tighter, because a bloody mess awaits anyone who comes here!

Action Survival Horror Dying Light

First of all, Dying Light will teach you to think with the head, and not the one below. Any player will finally come to the conclusion: “Maybe you shouldn’t attack this zombie? Maybe he will kill and devour me? ” This game is not for beginners, and certainly not for those who are afraid of scary games, because the change of day and night gives the game a good shit.

And by the way, if someone is still not in the know, then Dying Light is an AAA project, it’s like a vacation in Thailand, in a five-star hotel, you know? Absolutely every self-respecting gamer should play this game, even if you are not a special fan of games involving zombies. The game will show its darkest sides. Have you ever seen baby zombies? In Dying Light, you can not only see them, you have to split the skull for them. Well, okay, I will not spoil you, because for sure there will be someone who just blows up a fart from this, that I supposedly spoil the passage.

Another unique and interesting detail in the game is parkour. Remember those schoolboys who, like monkeys, jump on fences, roofs of garages and twist the saltukh? Well, well, this is an integral part of the game, so action and drive await you, because, combining it with zombies, you get an active and not bored game. Of course, there are still a bunch of other details that would be worth talking about, but this is a very long time and I don’t want to spoil the impression, so let’s rather move on to the next game.

Here it is – a classic of the genre. It’s already the second half of 2015 on the street, but it’s still a killer zombie shooter. Of course, the game does not stand out for its huge world, some kind of coolest atmosphere, as in the same Dying Light, but here the “cherry” itself is different.

This game has a bunch of other advantages over other games, which is why it still sits softly and warmly in the coolest TOPs. For example, the multiplayer mode, which has already seen such hacks, which some games will only dream of. A huge amount of fun that you can get in the company of your friends. A balance that has been thought out to the smallest detail. The game is still appreciated. And if you are a true connoisseur of zombie killers, then this game will sit in your heart for a long time. You will quit your job, study, put your girlfriend’s clothes out the door, just to play one more time, fill up a “pack” of zombies in a pleasant company.

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