Top 6 most mysterious game characters

Mysteries, secrets, obscurity, riddles … What can be much more attractive in games than this? Plot? But it cannot be well built without some peculiarity, like a carefully hidden secret or some mysterious and unknown character.

Although, most of all, they are not attracted by mysterious stories, unsolved murders and not even the secrets of ancient civilizations. Most of all, players are attracted by mysterious characters, whose goals and motive are not always clear. How sometimes you want to know and reveal these secrets, right?

And while some highly respected developers are sitting like impotent people and cannot create anything sensible, we will figure out what we have. Let’s try to figure it out and remember how many of the most mysterious and incomprehensible heroes still remain, because some characters from famous games still remain real mysteries. Dear friends, today the large gaming portal “” is glad to present you the Top 6 most mysterious game characters!

Ji-man from the Half-Life series

It is a shame that, for all its great importance in the universe of the Half-Life game, we know so little about it. Who is he? Or what is he? Who does he represent? For what purpose did he decide to help old Gordon Freeman? And what are the true goals of this “something”? And what is most interesting, all these questions have been dragging on since the present schoolchildren were still sitting in their playpens and licking their own droppings from toys.

Ji-man meets as you progress through all two parts and plays one of the key roles in the storyline of the game. He looks at everything that happens around him with murderous calm, so nothing prevents him from going to piss during some tough firefight. At the moment, there are a dozen versions of who Ji-man actually is. Someone claims that Ji-man is supposedly Gordon, but from the future, but this statement is not unreasonable – facial features are the main feature of this version. There is a version that this is a certain beholder, subordinate to mysterious authorities, and there is a version that he is a certain divine essence. In any case, at the moment it is impossible to reveal the secret of Ji-man, because fat asshole Gabe is not going to release a continuation of the legendary series.

Solas is a brand new mystery set in the Dragon Age universe. Moreover, he interested the public no less than the mysterious Ji-man. Players meet this bald and sharp-eared elf as an ordinary companion, not even suspecting what he is actually hiding and what he really is. And Solas hides secrets so carefully that not a single elven breast takes him. And even after passing the last expansion, it is not clear who he is – a friend or enemies. It is not known what will happen next, where he went and what further actions he will take.

For that it is known that this bald, imprisoned convict is in fact God, but, of course, by the standards of those who now live in Thedas. Although it is rumored that he is also just a very powerful sharp-eared magician. He skillfully conducts a conversation, never lies, but also constantly does not finish something. At the end of the original game, everyone thinks that he is a deceitful bitch, but in fact he is a noble elf. And that’s why this ancient elf full of secrets has made it to our list of the most mysterious characters from the games.

The Lutesy twins from the game Bioshock Infinite

These walking photocopies came as a surprise to Bioshock Infinite players. These two mysterious characters are called “twins”, while they were not born at the same time – they exist in completely different realities. The red-haired couple played one of the key roles in the storyline of the game, and thereby greatly interested. By profession, these two are quantum physicists and what is most interesting, they exist in completely different worlds, constantly observing and controlling the events into which Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth were drawn.

Most of what was invented in the ever-flying Colombia was invented by these red heads. Together, the Lutes are an aristocratic family: constantly restrained demeanor, perfect speech, haughty gaze. They constantly continue the thoughts of each other, which is due to the fact that, in fact, they are one and the same. And although in the course of the game you find out that they are one and the same, this does nothing. It remains a mystery why they helped, what goals they pursue and whether they generally sleep with each other, satisfying each other’s desires.

Mass Effect Ghost

Another old character that many have probably forgotten, or perhaps did not even know, but which keeps many secrets. The ghost is the unknown leader of the Cerberus organization, who, thanks to his powers, was able to resurrect Captain Shepard. The ghost is famous for being the leaders “in the shadows”. He knows a lot about the Invasion, the Reapers, and most likely has a lot of unsolved secrets.

His past is still unknown. At the time of the passage, the players simultaneously knew his motive and at the same time remained completely unaware. Of course, the question is: to trust or not? Already disappears for the reason that his rotten nature is revealed in the last – the final part, where, by the way, this piece of the asshole dies. But the secrets that he already hides in the coffin are still of interest to many. And perhaps, in the new part, the secret goals and secrets of the Cerberus organization and the Ghost, whose work still lives on, will be revealed to us all.

Mike the Liar from The Elder Scrolls

This, either deceitful, or eternally raving cat has become a real mystery of the whole series of The Elder Scrolls. Having lived for hundreds of years, he constantly carries some unknown delirium, then immediately condemning himself, then praising himself. Moving at a very fast pace, it is extremely difficult to catch or even catch. Constantly appears in random places and shits wherever it is.

And even though he sometimes speaks the truth, he often lies. You should never listen to him, because he, like a drunk, rubs in some kind of game, which sometimes you just do not understand, and sometimes you will enter, because you think that this is useful advice. He very often condemns the developers themselves for their own mistakes. Some say that he represents one of the Gods, while others shout that this is a system error, but in any case, it is still unknown who this lousy cat really is!

Slenderman from the Slender series

This unknown character does not help like the others, he does not offer help, and he does not even save. He is constantly looking for new victims for goals that are clearly incomprehensible to anyone. His image is very frightening: a black suit (like for a funeral), long arms, skinny and has no face.

And although many say that he is just a fiction, witnesses constantly appear who claim to have encountered him. He loves to live in dark forests and huge mountains. His key feature is that he is a bitch constantly behind the back. There are a lot of rumors about this creature and games have been created based on its motives. That is why Slender Man is not just a mysterious creature, but also a dangerous creature that can take you by the butt more than once!

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