Top 9 Most Heavy Gaming Smokers

Well, let’s inject, which of you smokes? For example, I don’t smoke, but quite recently, looking at the schoolchildren who smoke around the corner, one thought came to my mind – which game characters are the most smokers?

Of course, it is only possible to keep track of how the heroes smoke in some cut-scenes or screensavers, but still I would like to recall the most inveterate smokers who literally constantly “puff” and do not mind lighting a new cigarette every time. But cigarettes can tell a lot about a character. In frequency, it is cigarettes that allow you to reveal the depressive or sad side of the character.

But let’s not delay, because heavy smokers are probably already waiting for the moment when they can find a soul mate. Friends, this time the large gaming portal presents the Top 9 most inveterate gaming smokers!

Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid series

“Big Boss” has been smoking on the screens of gaming monitors for several years now. Moreover, unlike its bro – Snake – this “body” loves most of all to smoke cigars, not ordinary cigarettes, but CIGARs, fucking thug. While Solid Snake smokes, there is enough money – the classics. Cigarette smoke shots are a very common occurrence in the game. And this pretentious and thuggish crap is done only for the sake of style and not for some special feature of the hero.

What’s most interesting is that even the author of the game, Hideo Kojima, has repeatedly stated that using smoking in games, he recalled his childhood, when his mother forced him to eat cigarettes for smoking. It is childish grievances against the mother that make it possible to follow how “Big Boss” constantly smokes thieves’ cigarettes, imagining himself a bandit from the 90s.

Mass Effect Ghost

Business and mysterious bitch Jack Harper (aka the Ghost), can afford to destroy entire nicotine caches of the Cerberus corporation, which he runs, on a daily basis. With each appearance of the Ghost, we observe how he smokes another cigarette, which he could hide from the staff and the friend who tried to shoot it.

And yet the most interesting thing is, why does one of the most mysterious, businesslike and difficult heroes of the series never let go of his cigarettes? Why isn’t a bunch of alien assholes wandering around him and his room isn’t a comfort room? Why cigarettes? Surely his popularity would have increased if every time he appeared, there was a bio-female-crap between his legs, which constantly grinded his “hose”. Or if he smoked the coolest Krogan weed.

Tychus Findlay from Starcraft

Tychus is not only a tough soldier who has fucked more than one soldier’s ass and impregnated more than one Zerg womb, but also an ambiguous character in the universe of Starcraft games. In addition, Tychus is also a friend of James Raynor, whose smelly ass he somehow pulled out of prison, taking all his blame for the murder of schoolchildren who are ** on him, on himself.

In the events that take place in the second part, the iron ass, after the crooked market in the prison, Tychus is released so that he, in turn, can fuck Sarah Kerrigan. But why are we so far removed from the nicotine nicotine topic, right? Throughout the entire time Findlay did not let go of his favorite cigarette. And it will not be surprising if, as soon as he was born, the first thing that got into his mouth was not even the breast of his mother, but a cigarette from a folder.

And even despite the fact that he is wearing a 100-kilogram suit, he still, being like a fish in an aquarium, does not let his favorite cigarette out of his mouth. Tychus’s bad habit subsequently only adds more formidable brutality to the stern Marine. Therefore, it is very difficult to imagine his face if there is no cigarette sticking out in his teeth.

Duke Nukem from the Duke Nukem series

Remembering old Duke, I understand that he is a real example of what a brutal jock should look like, sitting around the clock on delicious asteroids. What is there to find out, the shooter itself is a sick imagination of the developers who themselves sit on strong asteroids and grass. Well, and those who are not yet aware of what Duke Nyukem is, then get acquainted. This is Duke, who always smokes thieves’ cigars, he is also a sex symbol of the 90s, he is the most influential person in the country and he is the personal guard of the President of the United States (although I still don’t ** understand them why the coolest schizo on his head is rolling, to protect the president, who is not worth it next to his member?). And yet, Duke is a whole mountain of strong muscles and the only savior of the world from an alien infection.

In terms of popularity, Duke can probably be second only to the sexy Italian plumber Mario. But it is a pity that Mario did not fire packs of Cuban cigars, because this is what brings Duke to the top. There is no way to part with a cigar, so a brown sausage always flaunts among his white teeth.

And one more place of honor in our top is occupied by old Captain John Price.Even despite the fact that he is an avid smoker, like everyone else in our top, this bitch is very tenacious and constantly in good shape. Perhaps cigarettes give him some kind of strength, like Viagra. In any case, without this old man you cannot knock out more than one door and you cannot defeat a single enemy!

After any “dusty” work, this grandfather always lights a cigarette in order to finally relax from a stressful hard day. He knows Russian very well, so even in Russia he will be able to shoot a cigarette from real boys. And most importantly, he knows the usual slang name of the popular weapon “AK-47” – Kalash! Finally, remember that if you disturb his aromatherapy (smoking) session, then he will probably shove his next cigarette up your ass.

Adam Jensen from the Deus Ex series

Has anyone thought about how to be addicted to nicotine if you are not even human? This question can be answered by Adam Jensen. And even if half of this hero’s body is pure implants, his usual human vices have not gone anywhere. No, he doesn’t fuck with everyone left and right. He’s just constantly firing.

Remember at least the first trailer of the game – there is some kind of half-bohren, which holds a cigarette in its mechanical fingers, and next to it there is a whisker, from which he has already notably drunk invigorating water. And what is most interesting, he is always brooding. Constantly there are some cockroaches in his head. Probably thinking about how to stretch the last batch of “Parliament” until the end of the week, because the salary is not coming soon. Adam has been smoking for so long that even his voice sounds menacing, as if he were a hero from the 14th century. However, it makes no sense to find fault with this character, because his lungs have long been replaced by tires from under the tractor, so even though he will burn cigarettes, even grass – he does not give a fuck **.

Max Payne from the Max Payne series

You couldn’t forget Max, could you? This is the biggest bag of shit … That is, a bag of habits, although still, it stinks like shit. In the third part, this piece of “thick slurry” not only started firing concretely, but also swelled like black! Moreover, this is one of the few heroes who smokes and drinks not just to show off in front of youngsters, but because his life is a dick **. He tried to quit smoking since the time of the first part, but somehow … he didn’t quit, in short, he can’t live without smoking.

The only thing that really wonders is what will happen to him in the fourth part? Will you smoke weed? Sit down at the heroin table? However, it will not even be surprising if he starts smoking three cigarettes at a time, having previously wrapped them with electrical tape. Max Payne is the only hero to whom you can sympathize, because while Duke clings to hot chicks, Max revels and fills like a locomotive in grief.

Bigby is just what a tough guy’s cunt. And if you also take into account his dark past, where she fucked with Little Red Riding Hood while grandma slept next to him, and then moved on to grandma herself, then it becomes clear why he is so serious. The history of the game The Wolf Among Us tells about how hard and difficult life is now for the characters of famous fairy tales. The same Little Red Riding Hood, or three pigs. Some fabulous elf drank himself to death, someone became an experienced drug addict, and someone Bigby, who is engaged in the work of some fabulous Sheriff and is trying to keep order among the fabulous scumbags.

But we seem to have strayed too far from the smoking story. So, this horseradish smokes constantly, and it also incites young pigs to do this. If Bigby doesn’t smoke, it won’t be Bigby, because smoking is a kind of relief for them. And, after all, what normal Sheriff won’t light up cigarettes ?!

Did you really think that there would be no girlfriend? Elizabeth is a rare type of elegant, smart and strict bitch. And most importantly, who burns cigarettes, because that’s why we are gathered here? Each of you will surely remember that sweet and untouched by anyone blue-eyed girl from the original game. At Burial at Sea, the brand new Elizabeth is introduced to everyone.

This version of the girl now not only swears, goes out drinking with friends, hangs out in clubs and just sleeps with everyone. But now she also smokes, and if you do not let her light another cigarette, then she will definitely twist your eggs for you. Smoking gives her a certain elegance, and besides, it has greatly increased her in terms of age. Of course, she cannot compare with a bunch of bad habits named “Max Payne” and she does not burn like Tychus, but among the girls who smoke she is the most original.

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