Understanding the plot and ending – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Yes, Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biochazard turned out to be different – especially with regard to the storyline. So in this article I will try to make out all the key details and events in the game. I will try to point out the existing connection with the previous parts and just collect a bunch of theories that relate to the ending. I will also try to figure out all the secrets and plot of the game, so be sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments. And yes, this article is literally full of spoilers throughout the game.

Past: Evelyn’s Creation, Downfall

So, three years before the start of all the events in Resident Evil 7: Biochazard, a girl named Mia Winters, in deep secrecy from her loving husband Ethan Winters, works for a corporation that creates biological weapons. In turn, Ethan sincerely believes that his wife is missing.

: The latest in biotechnology in Resident Evil 7: Biochazard is the E-series prototype that was given the name Evelina.

The mushroom-based specimens not only looked, but acted like little girls. Such an opportunity potentially allowed them to literally “be introduced” into absolutely any settlements, thereby not arousing any suspicion. People infected with this fungus (virus) at first gradually began to see strong hallucinations, after which they completely obeyed the “pattern”. The final stage of the virus consisted in the fact that the victims were completely overgrown with black mold and thereby themselves turned into bioweapons. The resulting creatures were named “Molded” or simply “Molds”.

Soon the corporation that created Evelina became worried that the sample could be stolen by competitors, so quietly and carefully decided to transport her to a completely different secret laboratory. The very same Mia (Ethan’s wife), along with her colleague Alan, accompanied the girl (Evelina) under the guise of fake parents, however, due to one incident (which is all Alan’s fault), Evelina got out of control and decided to take the ship under her sensitive control. … Soon, in a matter of minutes, Evelina turned the crew into her personal mold friends, she killed Alana, and Mie offered to become her mother, since the little girl decided that she needed a family.

After the ship was wrecked, it somehow ended up in the swamps by some unknown means. Mia and Evelyn were picked up by the Baker family. The bakers got a “gift” from Evelina: the bottom line is that the infection did not kill all family members, but did not turn them into molds, the family received incredible strength and incredible ability to regenerate. However, the whole family paid for this with their sanity.

More precisely, only the older generation of Bakers paid the price. Because their daughter, Zoya, somehow retained not only a completely human appearance, but even sobriety of thinking. It is Zoe who will help Ethan not only escape the estate, but also create a serum that can withstand Evelina’s infection.

: But the son Lucas Baker was sick in the head even without infection. So for this very reason, when Evelina’s creators came out on Lucas and gave him a healing serum, no one noticed any difference.

“The Baker Family: Lucas and His Secret Work”

Lucas, in turn, continued to use the regeneration presented to him, one might say, “for free”. Since he was not under the control of the girl, he began, in deep secrecy from everyone, to work for the corporation, at the same time putting on and doing all sorts of sadistic experiments on people visiting the Baker’s farm. Moreover, such inclinations began to appear in the guy from early childhood, fueled by imagination and a sharp mind.

Among the victims of Lucas was, for example, the same operator Clancy, who filmed the prohibited show in a demo called “Beginning Hour”. And he also became a hero in another video, in which he had to go through a room with puzzles in the spirit of the movie “Saw” – at the very end he was awaited by a cruel and painful death from fire.

In the list of kidnapped people, the Bakers had several marks – dead and transformed. The transformed are the Molds. However, there was another unique mark with the “L” sign for Clancy – obviously this person was the same Lucas. There was a dash across from Mia. The girl in some unknown and incomprehensible way managed not to succumb to the influence of Evelina completely and thereby not turn into a monster.

: Evelina all this time continued to run the Baker estate. It was on her initiative that the Bakers engaged in kidnapping. The logic here is simple – the girl wanted her family to become larger. And the message to Ethan is her handiwork. Perhaps Evelyne wanted Ethan to replace Jack, or she just wanted to expand her family.

The Present: Infected Ethan, Evelyn’s Aging

But there was one more interesting moment – the girl’s physical condition was rapidly degrading. Without the necessary injections, Evelina’s body began to age at a 25-fold rate. That is why, when Ethan came to visit the Baker family, the girl was already a frail old woman. However, the infected see her exclusively as she herself and wants to look – a ten-year-old little girl.

: When Mia finds Evelyn, she gets hit by her control. Despite the fact that she is struggling with all her might with the “order” to contact her husband (Ethan), she still shoots a video in which she asks to forget about her, admits to a lie and finally asks him to stay as far away from her as possible …

Soon, Ethan is also infected with a fungus or a virus – whichever suits you best. This is already evidenced not only by the sudden appearance of hallucinations, but also by the rapid regeneration. So, for example, Zoya sews his hand cut off with a chainsaw, and in the next optional scene Jack chops off his leg – and he will already discover that simply by placing the severed limb and pouring it with healing liquid, he is able to run, as if nothing had happened.

Then Ethan rushes around the huge and full of mysteries mansion, solves various puzzles, and a little later, according to the instructions, Zoe again collects the ingredients that are necessary for the vaccine. The ingredients have to be harvested from the body parts of Series D children. However, what exactly these children did with the Bakers is unknown. With the help of the vaccine, Ethan soon manages to defeat Jack. However, the last vaccine remains, so you have to decide who to administer it: Mia is the good ending of the game, or Zoe is the bad ending of the game. And in the latter case, despite the fact that Zoya seems to be healed, Evelina quickly deals with her of her own free will.

: In the second half of the game, Evelina decides to immure Ethan alive, planning to turn him into Plesnevik, but Mia breaks the plans of the insidious girl and helps the protagonist.

The girl gives Ethan an ampoule with E-series cells, with the help of which the hero creates a poison / toxin that is lethal for Evelina and injects her. Therefore, Evelina mutates, thereby turning into a huge monster. However, an unexpected help arrives and Ethan, with the help of a special pistol, quickly deals with evil. Then a special forces soldier, who introduces himself as a certain Redfield, descends to the hero, taking Ethan by helicopter. However, depending on who the main character chooses in the middle of the game, he can fly either with Mia or all alone. End.

Chris Redfield: The Whole Truth

However, is it all that simple: Shortly before the finale, Ethan hears a conversation on the radio in which the operatives are talking to each other: one of them complains about Lucas Baker, who leaks all the information “it is clear to whom” and therefore they confirm that in the case of Evelyn, they are ordered to shoot to kill. One of the interlocutors, introducing himself as “Alpha-1”, speaks in the voice of the same Redfield from the ending.

The credits say that the character’s name is “Chris Redfield”, but even this can be a piece of huge deception. Quite a lot indicates this. So, for example, on a helicopter on which heroes or heroes fly away, the Umbrella corporation markings are clearly visible (albeit there is a different logo). In addition, the real Chris Redfield would never have become under the banner of any organization that has at least something in common with Umbrella. Again, one can understand from the radio that “Chris” and his familiar operative have been watching what is happening for quite a long time, so they are aware of what Evelina and Lucas are doing inside. After all, the game has previously given hints that the Baker mansion is being watched from helicopters.

In general, the real Chris Redfield would have come running to the estate long ago to wave his pistol in an attempt to put an end to this terrible disgrace. Another interesting point is that the pistol he throws at Ethan is named “Albert”. Exactly like Albert Wesker, and in honor of him a real hero would definitely not name his weapon. And in general, the pistol was named for a reason.

: Finally, the upcoming addition entitled “Not a Hero” will be dedicated to the real Chris Redfield. Even now, its name already suggests that its hero is not a hero at all.

So, based on the ending, we can draw two conclusions: Chris Redfield has changed a lot over the past summer (taking into account the fact that in the sixth part his memory was completely knocked off and he became an alcoholic, this is not even excluded), or a completely different character was presented to us, who decided to change his appearance. Yes, and such “surprises” would be far from news, because it is enough just to remember the fake Ada Wong from Resident Evil 7: Biochazard.

So who is Chris Redfield at the end of Resident Evil 7: Biochazard? The options are actually few, given that it is called by the codename “Alpha-1”. It is worth remembering that the commander of the Umbrella-controlled Alpha team was the only survivor of the attack on William Birkin’s laboratory back in Raccoon City, Mr. Death – HUNK.

Obviously, the corporation that created Evelyn is not the new Umbrella. Moreover, the dummy Chris, along with his associates, are most likely the very same competitors that made everything go awry. In the end, they still got their hands on an infected Ethan, because he had not injected himself with the vaccine.

There are also suggestions that the E series and Evelyn were produced by Sheng-Ya, or other competitors of Umbrella from the Umbrella Corps game released last year. There are other references in Resident Evil 7: Biochazard besides “Chris” himself. So in the Baker’s house you can find a book by Clive O’Brien – the chapters of “BSAA” from the game Resident Evil: Revelations. There is also an article by Alissa Ashcroft, a journalist from the game Resident Evil Outbreak. After all, the tragedy in Raccoon City is still not forgotten.

Unfortunately, apart from the “Not a Hero” expansion, the other announced DLCs are definitely not going to support the main storyline of Resident Evil 7: Biochazard. So it is quite possible that Resident Evil 8 will come out.

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