Unique details from E3 2016 – Watch Dogs 2

The protagonist of Watch Dogs 2 is a young guy named Marcus. He is the same person who stands on the roof of a skyscraper in San Francisco and puts on his headphones with a foppish gesture. The main goal of this guy and his team is to get dirt on one of the public figures who is running for the ranks of the local authorities. Quests in Watch Dogs 2 can be completed in three different ways at once: head-on, stealthily, or generally cunningly. Going cleverly is a little more difficult, because this way the main character does not penetrate the enemy’s territory and uses exclusively improvised equipment with a variety of devices.

In the presented demonstration, Marcus decided to remain invisible and work “in a cunning way”: he marks the enemy on the map, not without the help of a special drone, after which he makes a few more rapid movements and is already in the office. It is worth recognizing that it has become much easier to move in comparison with the previous part, especially to overcome various obstacles.

In general, the movements of the protagonist look laconic and smooth: he is smartly able to jump over tables, smoothly draw his legs in the air, even rolls with ease on turns and is even able to stumble, and then restore his balance. The main character is not an athlete at all, but just a young active hacker who, in his own way, tries to fight for justice in his hometown. In addition, the “system” has somehow already let him down. Now he came to the conclusion that the system needs to be hacked and destroyed inside, in order to get thousands of “followers” later.

By the way, these same “followers” join “Dedsec” after each successfully completed task, and they also help to develop the available grouping techniques, hacking methods and much more. To put it simply, they help to develop and pump.

Meanwhile, the guards are still the same “no”: they are distracted by the noise, and even without your help, for example, by phones in their pockets; talk to each other for a long time and, in the end, aimlessly walk back and forth. So connecting a drone discreetly is like taking a candy away from a child. The alarm is raised only when you receive files. That’s when people notice that they’ve been hacked.

Therefore, as usual, you have to dump. You can run away in a typical way: you sit in the nearest car and dump away. Or it can be more effective: drive a luxurious sports car directly into the building, shock people, and in the meantime, deal with the guards, for example, with the help of that very yo-yo or, in general, with the help of a portable shocker. And there is nothing to be surprised at this, because assemblies of such tools have been on the Internet for a long time, so creating something like this is now far from a problem. In general, getting out of the building, where you can drive all the equipment crazy, is not too difficult.

San Francisco is an American metropolis that is also the embodiment of the youth culture of the United States of America. Therefore, this city was chosen for a reason – it is the protagonist of history. In the first part, the plot was set in a pragmatic Chicago, which was not very suitable for Aiden Pierce. Now the new place is the city, where there is a place for any adventures. Famous key sites are also present: the Golden Gate, Silicon Valley and even the Alcatraz prison.

To make it easier to navigate, a function was introduced that resembles the “eagle vision” from the Assassin’s Creed series: press a button and all technical objects available for hacking are sharply highlighted. Of course, exactly the same mode was in the previous part, but then it was not very relevant for the reason that there were much fewer “entry points”, in contrast to the second part. By the way, in the new world almost everything can be hacked: from recoding computers and hacking local residents to hacking dog collars. Moreover, the dog can then even be forced to rush at some guard, or simply knock it out.

The developers argue that in fact, the Dedsec grouping is only so “cool” on the Internet, because in life they do not seek to wreak havoc, because they themselves are fighters for justice. Therefore, the arsenal of hackers is not lethal, you will not give them a rebuff. So, whether you like it or not, you will have to engage in hacking at least in order to gain an advantage over the enemy. In addition, Markus does not always use a smartphone, because there is always a laptop.

And now, penetration into the system can entail a number of unforeseen consequences, for example, a side quest can open, which subsequently sheds a little “light” on the storyline. And in general, tasks can now be completed in a cooperative, because thanks to the online connection, it will be possible to easily meet another member of “Dedsec” + make friends with him. Together, for example, with a friend it will be possible to walk around the city, and to complete tasks that are specially suitable for passing in the face of two players. However, the plot tasks remain strictly for individuals and there will be no cooperative in them.

Watch Dogs had two huge drawbacks: the graphics, which did not live up to expectations, and just the oak physics of the cars. However, in Watch Dogs 2, the developers seem to have changed their minds – now the game looks not only cute, but also believable. Everything is well honed, so we can only hope that nothing will change by release.

Speaking of transport and vehicle physics, these two parts have been completely redesigned, so they feel the way they want. More precisely, physics is now finally being felt. Now at least you can enjoy driving, especially when you realize that now there are several hip-hop radio stations in the game.

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